Bridal Bliss: Habeeb and Halima's Glam Wedding Day Won!

The groom believed the universe was sending him a sign when he came across the bride's social media page by happenstance two days in a row. He took a chance, and this happened!
Lauren Porter Aug, 02, 2018

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Bride: Halima Sanni, 28, Executive Compensation Lead
Groom: Habeeb Adetona, 28, Cyber Security Analyst
The Big Day: 5/13/17
Location: Renaissance Arlington, Arlington, VA
Style/Theme: Traditional Elegance

Florist: Platinum Weddings
Bridesmaids Dresses: Rent the Runway 
Planner: RAE Affairs
Hair: Manneve Hair
Makeup: Shandy MUA

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"My wife has the biggest heart - she's one of those people who cries if she sees someone else crying," said the groom of his bride. "She is a nourisher and a great cook. She is independent and ambitious."

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We love a groom who looks his happiest on the biggest day in his life!

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"Being a bride, it was an emotional roller coaster but I am grateful that I had a strong support system throughout the process," said Halima.

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"My dress was designed by Ysa Makino and I knew it was the one because I could not stop thinking about it after I tried it on," said the bride. "I debated between a mermaid and ballgown and eventually decided that there was probably only one time in my life that I could get away with a beaded ballgown and I could always wear a beautiful mermaid dress on another day."

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"Habeeb is the life of the party, he is wise and gives great advice, he is patient, he is thoughtful, he is supportive but honest," said the bride of her groom.

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Halima was such a beautiful bride!

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What a gorgeous gown Halima picked for her big day!

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When Habeeb met Halima, he wasn't expecting he'd find his forever but it was the right time for true love!

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"When we met Halima, I was 26 and never expected to find my wife so early in life. I was not looking for a serious relationship but she is not the type of girl that you can let go."

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"The second night that we talked on the phone, she asked me if I prayed today. I was surprised by the question but it stuck with me. I wanted my wife to be a God-fearing woman who would push me to be better in all aspects and I saw that in Halima."

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Look how gorgeous Halima's bouquet was!

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"I had 9 bridesmaids, 7 of my closest friends, my younger sister, and his younger sister," said Halima of her bridal party.

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This bridal party is seriously picture perfect.

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By his side on he and Halima's wedding day, Habbeb had 10 groomsmen who were all family and friends cheering him on in the name of love.

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"She makes me want to be a better man and believes in my dreams," said Habeeb of what he loves most about Halima.

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"Two weeks after we started dating, I was driving on the highway in New Jersey where I lived and hit a deer. I was fine physically but emotionally shaken up by the accident. As soon as I told him what happened, he got in his car and drove 4 hours to me (he was living in Maryland). That’s not something a lot of guys would do and I knew at that point he was the one."

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Halima is a vision!

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"When I was growing up my mom told me to look for two qualities in a husband: God-fearing and responsible. Habeeb is all of that and more," said the bride of why she said "yes" to her groom. "His word is his honor and I can trust him with anything. We also laugh a lot together, he's so much fun to be around."

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"He balances me in every way and I'm so grateful that I found him," said Halima of Habeeb. "He keeps me laughing, at the end of the day we truly enjoy each other as friends."

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This cake looks heavenly!

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We love a bridal party that knows how to have a good time!