#TBT: 27 Sexy Throwback Songs You Shouldn’t Have Sung When You Were Young

While songs today are a little more blunt about their Netflix and Chill fantasies, back in the day most singers were a little more subtle about their boot knockin'. In the 90s and early 2000s, we had no problem belting out classic love jams from everyone from Ginuwine to TLC, but many of our young minds hadn't a clue what we were truly saying back then. (No wonder your parents kept changing the station.) Here 27 hits that were as "bad" as they were good!

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We thought this joint was about a literal pony. No wonder mom kept changing the station when this song came on in the car. We didn't need to be thinking about riding nothing!

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Unbeknownst to us at the time Queen Bee wasn't talking about getting to the center of a tootsie pop.

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I mean the name of the song says it all! Most definitely not for kids.

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Any video that fixates on nothing, but women's backsides is definitely not kid friendly.

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There's something to be said about the fact that R. Kelly used something as wholesome as a car as a metaphor for sex.

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Blame our parents for playing this song on repeat all the time! Who could resist singing the hook, even though it was totally too grown for us?

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He wanted to take *what* nice and slow exactly? We had no idea, but we kept singing along anyways.

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In our defense "If I need it in the morning or the middle of the night," is kind of an ambiguous phrase. Who could've known what *it* they were referring to?

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Another one of those songs that should have been obvious, but we were too busy staring at Pleasure P to actually listen at the words.

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Something about the video should've given us a clue that this song wasn't exactly pre-teen friendly back then.

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We thought Tweet was just talking about getting ready bath time and bed, but apparently she had something other than sleep on her mind.

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Our parents always use to give us a look when we said "push it real good," and now we know why.

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The lyrics say it all, but I mean who actually read the lyrics back then?

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So yeah, this song wasn't about dessert. Who knew?

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Silly kids. We thought they were literally talking about going downtown somewhere--you know like shopping.

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Aaliyah's girl-next-door vibe sure had us fooled. We had no business singing this song.

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And here we thought this song was about cars and actual red lights!

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Oh back when CB was young and innocent--well not exactly that innocent, because this song was all kinds of freaky.

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Our parents were smart to let us believe that this song was about the rain outside. Super smart.

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Truthfully, we barely no the words--the beat is really what kept us listening. But maybe we should've listened a little more closely.

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These guys may have had us fooled, but our parents knew all along that this song was about cyber sex.

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Thank you 50 Cent for officially ruining candy for us as a child!

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Hey, we didn't know *why* he was so anxious or what exactly he wanted to meet up at 11:30 for.

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So she wasn't exactly talking about America's favorite cold dessert--much to our pre-teen dismay.

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The ultimate best friends anthem was actually about sharing things with friends none of us could have ever imagined back then.

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We shouldn't have been singing this, but who could resist Shaggy in that purple silk robe?

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We didn't see nothing wroooonnng with singing this song back then, but plenty of adults did.