10 Things Your Single Girlfriends Are Tired Of Hearing

If you really love your single friends, this year you'll retire these phrases.

Lauren Porter Jan, 03, 2017

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There is nothing wrong with being single. Case closed.

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Some have luck with online dating. Others, not so much. Don't pressure your friend to look in the land of swipe left or right for someone who might or might not be the man of her dreams. Who said there was anything wrong with an old fashioned meeting anyway?

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Ahh yes, that's the best reason to find a significant other--to go on a double date! You shouldn't encourage your friend to find someone just so that you can expand your couple friend circle. That's just selfish.

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Thanks but no thanks to this empty encouragement! Telling someone that something will happen soon is not a good idea. Your single friends know you mean well but unless you have a crystal ball telling you the when, where, who and how "the one" will appear in her life, don't assume happily ever after is right around the corner for her. Instead. just say "I look forward to when your time comes too."

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Unless your friend asks for an introduction there's no need to put your matchmaking skills to the test! What if they don't hit it off? What if things become so awkward it ruins friendships on both ends? Call yourself Switzerland and remain neutral.

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Never, ever, ever tell your friend that the reason she's without a man is because she has to dress or look like someone other than herself. You might as well just slap her in the face!

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Yes. She's trying hard not to kill you for asking her if she's devoting enough time to finding a man. Steer clear of uttering these words -- forever.

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What if your friend loves being single. What if they aren't looking for anything serious, just a good time? Have you ever asked what they want instead of just why they're not looking for it?

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Everyone has an ex that should never have happened. Bringing up past mistakes isn't helping her stay positive for the future. She might still be healing or have completely moved on but don't pour salt on an old wound because you want her to find love faster.

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Smiling can start a conversation, but it's not the magic formula for true love.