Boo'ed Up! 7 Signs You Are The Relationship Type

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Kenya Foy Jul, 03, 2018

When it comes to finding a bae, people can be easily sorted into two categories: those who are looking for someone to go the distance with and those with more fleeting romantic tendencies. You, however, proudly and unapologetically fall into the former category – otherwise known as the relationship type. Some experts believe this is a great time to be a single person, but not you. Not even professional, statistically-backed assessments on the benefits of singledom can put a damper on your relationship-centric lifestyle. You simply aren’t content with liking pics of all your Instagram crushes and scrolling past potential relationship prospects. You have your keen, love-seeking sights set on finding a real-life partner who you can make a permanent part of your world.

Later for the single life! Here are seven telltale signs that you are the relationship type.

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That you blast all day every day to the dismay of anyone heartbroken individual who has the misfortune of crossing your path. You instinctually recognized Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” as a major lover’s bop and have had it on repeat since way before it became a huge hit. If it’s just another sad love song, you are not trying to hear it because it completely contradicts your starry-eyed, heartfelt vision of love.

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Despite all the highly anticipated films and TV shows coming to Netflix, you are fully committed to watching every single mushy romantic comedy there is because you totally identify with sappy, happily ever after love stories on a spiritual level.

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The best tune to describe your attitude towards relationships is “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love.” No-strings-attached sex doesn’t appeal to you, and you’d rather roll solo than engage in the emotional messiness of a situationship. In short, you have to be intimate with someone on all levels in order to get physical, which means sex without a mutually agreed upon romantic commitment is a no-go.

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Instead of becoming a Bitter Betty on the heels of your last awful relationship(s), you somehow manage to avoid morphing into the jaded, anti-relationship type who wholeheartedly believes no other human being is incapable of ruining your good credit, breaking your heart and stealing your faith in true love.

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Just because you’re perfectly happy being single doesn’t mean you want to stay that way forever. Sure, you know that you don’t need a boo in order to feel comfortable in your own skin – it’s just that you generally enjoy snuggling up against someone else’s. #okurr

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Dating just to get out of the house, to snag a free dinner or to get over your ex just isn’t your thing. When you agree to spend time with someone, you automatically look for signs that this individual could make a suitable long-term partner or spouse. Your ideal mate has an end goal in mind and a clear-cut view of what a future relationship involves (hint: you), so commitment-phobes need not apply.

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For some people, compromising on stuff like time or a highly specific routine for the sake of another individual is unfathomable. You, on the other hand, embrace the give-and-take attitude because you’re not afraid or resistant to making reasonable adjustments to your lifestyle in order to maintain balance in a relationship.