16 TV Couples Who Kept It Hot and Steamy in 2016

This year some of our favorite TV couples spiced up our screens with major chemistry and unforgettable love scenes. Whether it was a short-lived affair, a drunken night that turned into lust or a match made for #relationshipgoals, this year was full of Black love and Black women getting their swirl on onscreen. Let's recap!

Brittney Oliver Dec, 14, 2016

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Grey’s little sister is having her own fun with love and lust this year. Her love life heated up during a kissing scene at the bar with Dr. Andrew Deluca who is a resident that she trains. The kiss turned into a night of “drunk in love” which started the beginning of their secret affair. From sneaky doctor break room hookups to sneaking out of homes after a night of fun, the two learned how to balance their work boundaries and their blossoming relationship.

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Shonda Rhimes never fails us with a steamy scene featuring our favorite complicated lovers, Annalise Keating & Nate Lahey. Every Thursday we can look forward to seeing Nate’s chiseled physique keeping the cunning lawyer company each week. Their hot scenes leave us wondering why Annalise would ever want to end things with Nate.  

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Reggie finds Missy’s intelligence and ambition sexy and every time this boss lady slays the day, this man lets her know how lucky he is to call her his girl.  It’s the relationship most career women want - a man who supports her dreams and one who pleases her in bed.  In a split second, Missy and Reggie will go from negotiating contracts and planning power moves to making passionate love.

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Cookie has found a new tall glass of chocolate milk in the form of politician Angelo Dubois. The couple comes from two different worlds but they are making it work for the sake of love. Their first encounter oozed with sexual tension that we were happy to see come to fruition as their relationship blossoms.

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We were introduced to the complicated relationship between Earn and Van in the pilot episode of Atlanta . Earn wakes up next to the mother of his daughter after an intimate night tog .ether, but later she asks him to kick in for rent and watch their child while she went on a date. The two continued to have moments where we thought a true rekindling of their past love would take place during the dinner and during the Juneteenth festivities, but we know how those events ended.

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No one expected Michaela to give in to the obnoxious rich boy, Asher.  Ironically a vulnerable drunken moment between the two classmates turned into many more encounters of lovemaking.  It started off as a way to let off some tension, but now this unlikely pair may have something real.  

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NBC’s latest television hit features a couple who exude #relationshipgoals. Randall and Beth navigate through the dysfunction of their extended family with clear communication, honesty and support. This couple has a real partnership that makes their marriage sexy.  In every kitchen kiss and bedroom scenes, let us know that Randall knows he has a good thing in front of him.

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The kitchen is their favorite spot and seemed to be a place of passion and disappointment. When they met at the club, Molly and Jared seemed so comfortable with each other that even being the girl with the “broken p*ssy* didn’t phase him.  Their sporadic hook ups were intense, sexy and unforgettable.  Molly keeps “friend zoning” him when she discovers something unpleasant about Jared, but she always comes back to him after her “dream” guys let her down.  

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Wilmer Valderrama made a guest appearance on the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Edwards patient and he gives her a new perspective romance that we haven’t seen since she broke up with Dr. Avery. Kyle Diaz, a pop star is Edward’s patient who asks her out on a date after flirting with her in the ER. During their date in his studio, the two hook up and begin a serious love affair.    

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It’s about time a superhero falls in love with a Black woman on television!  Iris West and Barry Allen’s love affair flashes through the past and present as the duo deal the alterations of their fate. Iris has become somewhat of a sidekick for Flash after she learns about his supernatural gifts.  As the superhero flashes back and forth between the past and present, the couple keeps it sexy and sweet as husband and wife or just as friends with feelings the depending on when Barry uses his superhuman gifts.

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Baby got back! Lawrence of course. After holding on to her secret of infidelity, Issa hopped in bed with her boyfriend for hopes that an apology could come in the form of orgasmic pleasure. The back shots of Lawrence almost made us forget about Issa’s wrongdoing and elevating this couple to sexy status.

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Chicago Med's ER nurse met her prince charming while helping professional football player, Tate Jenkins with his son.  April was nervous to pursue a flirtatious relationship with her patient’s father, but she eventually gave in to a date with the athlete.  After one kiss their relationship turned serious and they went from dating to engagement and now she’s having his baby.

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The eldest Lyon son is moving on from the death of his wife and taking solace with sultry songstress, Nessa. This hookup came as a surprise since Nessa seemed to have her eyes on Andre’s younger brother Hakeem.  Not only is this pair working together to elevate their positions at Empire , but they use their differences to make each other better. Let’s not forget about the interesting threesome this couple had with Rhonda’s ghost.

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San Diego Padres power couple keeps the other players in this baseball drama sane. Evelyn is the epitome of a WAG as she holds down her family, man and pursues her career aspirations.  When Blip needs some extra lovin’ or some extra encouragement she’s right there to help him make the tough decisions and ease the stress.

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This hot mother of three keeps her detective husband wanting to come home each and every night. Between balancing her duties as a mother and district attorney, Trish still makes sure dinner is on the table and that her husband can relax after a long day in the streets with his crazy partner, Riggs.

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Luke Cage came to Misty Knight's rescue between the sheets and Netflix fans were totally here for their short-lived romance.