What It Means When Bae Does These 5 Things (and What It Says About Your Relationship)

Michelle Darrisaw Apr, 30, 2018

We get it, it’s sometimes hard to interpret what it means when your new boo does or says something out of the ordinary but don’t worry, we break it down for you.

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If your crush is insecure, they may be waiting until you reach out first to avoid looking like a stage-five clinger, or maybe they just want to keep things cool and casual. Other possibilities? Bae is playing hard to get or you haven’t given them time to text you first.

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Either your S.O. doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by ending things, or he or she wants a free pass to date other people. On the flip side, bae could really use some time and distance to sort through their issues and have some “me time.” Your boo could also be testing you to see if you’re really committed to the relationship.

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If you’re in a serious relationship and your S.O. frequently calls you baby in front of other people, it definitely means they’re feeling you. Using this pet name could be your boo’s way of testing the waters before dropping the “L” word.

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A couple of things could be at play here. For starters, bae may really feel like you’re out of their league. But when you’re hit with the “it’s not you, it’s me” or “you deserve better” spiel, chances are bae isn’t ready for a relationship and wants to let you down gently.

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Relax, there’s nothing to decode or stress about. If the person is your new bae, this sweet request is exactly what it sounds like. There’s also the off-chance he or she wants to text or talk to you more when you get home.