The 13 Most Common Excuses Men Make For 'Not Being Ready' For Your Love

Lauren Porter Sep, 26, 2017

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This guy's favorite excuse is that their job and career ambitions are all-consuming and therefore they just can't balance having a "distraction" like a relationship happening at the same time. Translation: He values success more than being in a relationship. Period.

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Some guys just love to play the commitment card. Translation: They'd rather just avoid taking the next step in the relationship and enjoying being single and unattached.

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When a guy wants to have his cake and eat it too, this just might be his go-to line. Having fun essentially means he wants to reap the benefits of a relationship--sex included--with no strings attached. Translation: You really don't want the same things.

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The best love stories begin with a beautiful friendship. This is just a candy-coated version of the same old excuse. Translation: He doesn't want to be more than friends. Case closed.

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This could mean that you are both comfortable and have settled into a routine or "situationship" that doesn't require a promise for a future. Liking how things are at the moment could be guy code for "this is as good as it gets." Translation: He doesn't want to push or grow with you.

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As Maya Angelou taught us, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Girl, Mother Maya was never wrong. Translation: I know your worth, but I'm still not ready for you.

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In some cases, an emotionally damaged man who doesn't want to heal through his hurt might cling to the excuse of a bad breakup so they don't have to move forward with a new relationship. Translation: He needs time you may not have to give him.

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When men say they want to receive but never give, that can be a red flag. Translation: Move on because he's doing you and you should be doing the same.

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Labels come with boundaries, and when men aren't emotionally mature enough to be in a serious relationship, they are the last thing they want to be confined to. Translation: He doesn't do girlfriends.

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If he wants to take things slow but is eager to do other things quickly, you're in danger sis! Translation: While he could, in fact, need more time, that time may be spent keeping his options open.

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He's probably right about this one, but the truth is he still has it all wrong. If the right woman comes along, a man who's can recognize it will figure out how to be ready for her. Translation: He doesn't think it's him, he thinks it's you. Next!

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Blaming bad timing seriously oversimplifies and underestimates the power of finding balance between a good, healthy and loving relationship and your career or lifestyle. If he isn't ready to invest, you shouldn't be either. Translation: He doesn't know how to make room in his life for anything serious.

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If he's not really looking for a relationship then why entertain him? Translation: Besides, if love is the language your speaking, you need to find someone who is fluent in it and it's not him.