13 Relationship Lessons We Learned From The Cast Of ‘Black Love’ During The Hollywood Confidential 'Clips & Conversations' Panel

Ashley E. Osborne

Rachaell Davis May, 30, 2018

Navigating your way through a lifetime of love is no easy feat, but when you embark on the journey with someone who’s just as committed as you are to creating a beautiful bond that lasts forever, it doesn’t take long to realize that there’s no place you’d rather be.

Hollywood Confidential’s screening series presented clips and conversation with several cast members from season 2 of OWN’s endearing new docuseries, Black Love, together to give fans an even closer glimpse into their lives as spouses, best friends, parents and business partners.

Hosted by Hollywood Confidential creator, Steve Jones, at L.A.’s Montalban Theater on Memorial Day, the candid conversation between Hollywood lovebirds Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe, social media power couple lovebirds Khadeen and Devale Ellis and Black Love creators Codie and Tommy Oliver made the panel one to remember, as each couple shared several lessons they’ve learned on their journeys to happily ever after.

Scroll through for a look at the moments you missed and a list of love lessons we learned from the eye-opening panel.



1 of 13 Nicolette Carney

"We make sure we have our own date nights to ensure that once the children are gone, we won't suffer from empty nest syndrome. But we also make sure that each of our children has a different night with each of us, and each other. Because one day we won’t be here, and they’ll have to learn and depend on each other." -Ryan Michelle Bathe

2 of 13 Ashley E. Osborne

"I love my wife. I love spending time with her. And my wife and family are a priority to me. If ever I had to choose between another season of 'Black Love,' or a successful marriage, I’m choosing my wife every time." - Tommy Oliver

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Nicolette Carney

“My wife told me she was ready to get back into acting, and I responded with, 'well then it’s time to get back in the gym.' I don’t hold back with her. I’m honest because I want her to be the best, and at the top of her game. It took a while for her to accept my brutal honesty and not be offended. But she’s just as honest with me, as well, about the things I can improve on.” - DeVale Ellis

4 of 13 Nicolette Carney

"We are 12 years in, and we are still figuring it out. Sometimes it’s rough. But one thing that helps us to be patient with one another is one of Sterling’s favorite quotes by Rumi which says ‘Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.’ And that’s what we try to do, meet each other there.”- Ryan Michelle Bathe

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Nicolette Carney

"I’m in a unique position as the creator of Hollywood Confidential, where we bring inspiration to aspiring entertainers, and I also serve as a producer on 'Black Love.' It only made sense to launch a screening series to combine the missions so we can have the best of both worlds (inspiration + positive content) and here we are!" - Steve Jones

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Nicolette Carney

"We have filmed over 100 couples. And the only rules were that they had to be honest and likeable. If we wouldn’t want to hang out with them, or do dinner with them, then we didn’t film them. Only because we want you (the audience) to fall in love with each story, and be fully engaged.”

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Ashley E. Osborne

"When we film our couples, it’s just Tommy & myself in the room. We operate all the cameras, lighting and conduct the interviews. Having just the four of us in the room creates more of an intimate conversation, and leaves no room for distractions as we get the truth of each story. We also use each conversation as a learning lesson. We’re building an arsenal of tips and tricks to strengthen our own marriage." - Codie Oliver

8 of 13 Nicolette Carney

"Take your spouse at their word. Listen to what they are saying. Tune in. When we hear each other, it is fantastic. Don’t try and do what you THINK your spouse wants. Truly listen to what they are asking for. And give it to them.” -Sterling K. Brown

9 of 13 Nicolette Carney

"To those of you who think you won’t find love, you won’t. We are a product of our thoughts. And to those of you who are career driven, but say you want love, make sure you are creating a space for the love you desire.” -Codie Oliver

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Ashley E. Osborne

“We cannot place responsibility on our partners or spouses to make us happy. That’s not their job. We have to truly find out what makes each of us happy, as individuals.”-Khadeen Ellis

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Ashley E. Osborne

“I think the common thread between all the couples on this stage is that before being lovers, or anything more, we were best friends, FIRST. And I think it’s that friendship as a foundation that has helped to sustain us.” - Khadeen Ellis

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Ashley E. Osborne

"I think it’s an interesting time for men, when we have to share our wives, to grow up another human. And she’s using the body parts that were reserved for us, to once again, grow up another human. I remember when the 6 weeks post-baby time came up (that’s when the doctor told us we could be physical again). And I casually told Ryan, “Hey, its 6 weeks,” and she replied, “AND?” - Sterling K. Brown

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Ashley E. Osborne

"My wife and I spent time apart when I moved to Detroit for the NFL. I became depressed, and became addicted to pain meds (opioids). It was such a dark time for me. I came out of that knowing that I will never spend another day on this planet without her by my side." -Devale Ellis