Ask A Brother: Should Men Be Spoiled on Valentine's Day?

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Real men tells us what they really think about roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and all that other mushy stuff.

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 13, 2013

We all know February 14th is circled on most women’s calendars, but do men really care? Some say it’s a lovers’ holiday, while others (AKA women!) believe the day’s celebrations should be all about the ladies. What say you? Should they be spoiled on Valentine’s Day too or is it supposed to be all about the ladies? It’s a classic debate between men and women, especially those in serious relationships. 

Some men could care less, while others will admit they expect there to be some chocolates, or something, waiting for them too. To kick off the discussion, ESSENCE relationship editors Charli Penn and Charreah K. Jackson hit the streets of New York City to ask the brothers what they really think about Valentine’s Day. Watch what happened!