10 Ways to Figure Out What He’s Really After

The faster you discover his true intentions, the easier it will be to find the man who's meant for you.

Kevin Carr Jun, 21, 2012

Sometimes it takes an outsider to successfully diagnose a situation. Such is life.  I would like to thank those of you reading this for affording me the privilege and opportunity to point out some things that will help you successfully navigate through what I affectionately call “The Dating Game.”  Although your heart is not meant to be a toy, the reality is, it’s up to you who you entrust it to. I want to help you learn how to figure out the true motives of the men in pursuit of you before it’s too late.

When dating a man, one of your goals should be to prove his authenticity before giving him your heart. Start now by learning the ten ways to figure out what he’s really after.