10 Reasons Being Single Again Is A Gift

Who says being single is a bad thing? Dating coach Kevin Carr says it's a gift, and here's why.

Kevin Carr Apr, 08, 2014

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Whether you realize it now or not, if the current dating situation works itself out, that’s fine. But if it doesn't, that’s fine too. When dating, you should take your time, choose wisely and enjoy being single. Being single is a gift, and I’m going to give you my 10 reasons why.

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You have the opportunity to begin again more intelligently as being single affords each of us the ability to write -- and then rewrite -- our stories if we so choose. How does your story look? How does it feel? This is your chance to figure that out and use this season of life to position yourself to realize your heart's true desires as a whole.

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Most people don't like this stage of being single but it's necessary. It is during this period of isolation that you learn the most about yourself, which gives you the ability to grow and expand. After this happens everything in your world follows suit.

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Each relationship experience along with each date will help you to get a better gauge on your specific wants and needs if you allow them to. What you thought you needed in a man has a way of evolving over time. Reflect on what worked and what didn't. That will help you to fine-tune what and who you're looking for.

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Dates are fun! (At least they should be.) The excitement of interacting with someone new in a social setting should intrigue you. Being single allows you the ability to meet new people and have new experiences. Some people want to give up on the world after one "bad" date. Don't let that be you. Embrace the journey and find enjoyment in the experiences.

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If you can, pick up and go! It's a big world and you should see it, and without any romantic attachments you can. That's a good thing at times. If you don't want to travel alone find a fun girlfriend that you can jet-set with, like now. Broadening your life experiences will help to broaden your wants and needs in a man and ultimately positively affect your dating pool.

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Love and affection is great but sometimes you just need a good night's sleep. (No more having to sleep through your man's annoying habit of stealing the covers.) And, I won't even bring up snoring. Wait. I just did. If you're single and reading this please do me a favor; before you go to sleep tonight jump in your bed and do a snow angel. Watch how amazing it feels!

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Being single also frees you up to be able to spend more time with your friends than you were able to before. Admit it, when you were dating there were time you wished you had more time to go shopping and gossiping with them anyway, right? Yeah, I thought so.

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You can move to a new place and start fresh. Forego sex for a period. Stop eating meat. Start attending church more. In most cases all these decisions would require at the very least a conversation with your significant other. You get to avoid this now. Your decisions are 100 percent your own again. In a nutshell, you now can do all those things you said you would be doing if you weren't "tied" down. Go do them!

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There's liberation in that. Revel in it. You aren't obligated to take another person's feelings into account right now. You and only you are the most important person in your life. Enjoy it!

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When it comes to being single I feel there is a certain error in perception that often hinders people. Instead of looking at it with the "I don't have anybody" mindset, try focusing on this: In this position you have absolute freedom to make what you feel is the best possible choice as far as the man you attach yourself to next. Take it one date at a time and one day at a time. Choose wisely and relish the time in between.

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