The Easy Relationship Resolutions That Will Strengthen Your Marriage This Year

Get these things right in 2017 and watch your love grow.

Charli Penn Jan, 02, 2017

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There's no sweeter or simpler way to remind your spouse how much they're loved than to send them off to bed with a tender kiss goodnight.

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Spending quality time with like-minded couples who enjoy the same things you do will make your evenings out together all the more memorable. Need a little inspiration to help you think beyond typical joint movie night dates? No problem. Try a couples' dance or painting class or a themed restaurant. Anything that allows you time to talk and laugh together is the key.

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When things finally wind down in the evenings and you find a moment to steal together, it usually involved the television. Well, we're here to tell you that your show can wait. At least two nights a week, Instead of spending quality time watching TV in bed, try something else you enjoy doing at home together, like reading to each other in bed, taking a shower together or cooking a fun dinner or dessert.

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Successful date nights are the nutrients your marriage needs to grow. This year, don't make spending quality time alone without the kids an afterthought. Plan ahead and plan for it often. Look out for upcoming concerts, comedy shows, galas and restaurant weeks to keep your schedule filled with "us time."

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Whatever your particular pleasure or fantasy requires, know that there's plenty of time to make it a reality in 2017. Try a new sex toy for two, position or playlist to start. Happier times between the sheets await.

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You show your love for each other in big and small ways every single day, but when was the last time you actually said the words? There's not time like the present. Go ahead and put those three magic words into a more frequent rotation in 2017.

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Life is busy. We get it. While juggling the kids' extra-curricular schedules and working late nights the idea of regularly sitting down together to share a meal can seem far-fetched and almost impossible.

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Great sex and marital bliss go hand in hand, without question. If your marriage is leaning more toward sexless than sex-filled, there's no better time than now to turn things around. Start by planning at least two nights a week where sex is on the menu for dessert, no matter what. Next, upgrade your bedroom to include more details to help set the mood -- think more candles, softer sheets, room-darkening curtains and mood lighting. You're welcome.

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No matter the length of the marriage, sometimes saying these two simple words can still be the hardest thing to do. In times of relationship turmoil, this year let go of your apprehensions and hesitations, release your guilt and just come clean with the one you love. There's no shame in being brave enough to say you were wrong. It's the fastest way to move on to the good part -- healing and making up.

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Increase your intimacy and add to the time you're able to spend together in the evenings with adding a joint bath or shower routine to your schedule. As they say, it's tough to argue when you're naked. It's the perfect chance to work through the issues of the day, have a little "fun" or just share a good laugh. You're going to love it, we promise.

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Vacations can get pricey, which means they require more time to save up to get away. Thankfully, a staycation close to home is far more affordable and a lot easier to plan. The formula for the perfect staycation is simple: Take off a Friday and/or Monday. Get a babysittter for the weekend. Book a suite at a nearby luxury hotel, sleep in, watch movies and order a ton of room service. You'll recharge, get romantic and be ready to take on the daily hustle and bustle when you return home.


Stop saying we're overdue for a vacation for a vacation you keep putting off planning. That ends now. Get online and book your epic 2017 family vacation right now. There are a plethora or hotels that allow you to reserve without paying in full. Booking early will give you something to look forward to together, and ensure that you actually get there.