Listen Up Ladies, Here Are 11 Expert Approved Christmas Gifts For Your Bearded Bae

Lauren Porter Nov, 20, 2017

It might seem like there isn’t a lot that goes into keeping a beard in tip top eye candy shape but in fact, there’s a science to making sure that a Black man’s facial hair is always in check. 

Ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift guide for the bearded bae in your life, don’t worry we’re here to help. 

ESSENCE checked in with celebrity hairstylist and brand founder Vernon François as well as celebrity barber and groomer Vernon Scott on the 11 most official products to gift a man with a beard this holiday season. 

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Vernon Scott's Pick: Bevel Shave System Starter Kit

"The complete shave kit from Bevel comes with a razor, priming oil, and restoring balm that provides a solid platform for facial skin and beard maintenance. The cordless trimmer is most ideal by barbers for lining and edging and beard to perfection."

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Vernon François' Pick: Restoring Balm, Bevel

"This is great especially for sensitive skin because it’s alcohol free. It’s good for refreshing your skin after shaving or if you’ve been out in harsh cold weather. I also use it after a gym workout to cool down before cleansing." 

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Vernon Scott's Pick: Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine

This product is an amazingly shiny and brilliant weightless finish that is my secret weapon when I’m on set. Without an unnecessary greasy look. Another bonus is that it smells pristine!

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Vernon François' Pick: CO-WASH by Vernon François

"This sulfate-free moisturizing cleanser is for all textured hair, with marula, jojoba and sweet almond oils.  As well as the hair on your head it’s great for keeping bristles and beards soft and nourished too."

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Vernon Scott's Pick: SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reparative Leave-In Conditioner

"Shea Moisture makes an array of naturally based daily leave in conditioners applicable to essentially all hair types. In the winter, natural hair tends to become especially dry and brittles so breakage is most prominent. Daily moisture is a must and this is a great product to use."

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Vernon François' Pick: Night Rider Matte Texture Paste, Kevin Murphy

"This wax is amazing, it’s one of the best that I’ve ever used.  It’s great for defining texture, giving you good hold and flexibility, with no greasiness."

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Vernon Scott's Pick: Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo And Conditioner

“These two are essential for dirt and product removal without stripper the beard of essential oils and nutrients. A monthly shampoo and a weekly conditioner cold wash helps to promote healthy full-beard growth.”

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Vernon François' Pick: Advanced Face Lotion, Menscience

"This lotion is really creamy and light. I’ve been a fan of this brand for a long time, they also do an amazing deodorant which is aluminum and alcohol free."

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Vernon François' Pick: Fabulous Face Cleanser, AESOP 

"I like this because it’s really light, clean and gentle.  It’s easy to get inside the beard without having to be aggressive and leaves the face soft and refreshed. I use it on all my gent clients."


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Vernon François' Pick: Age Prevention Superfood Mask, Youth To The People

"This has got loads of dark green leaves in it, spirulina, spinach and kale. I like the idea of putting healthy ingredients on the face and use this myself after shaving, it’s so good."

available at Sephora $44.00 Buy Now!

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Vernon Scott's Pick: 100% Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

"The great thing about coconut oil is you can buy at any supermarket is and AMAZING natural seal for moisture and penetrates hair follicles for breakage repair and leave a consistent shine."

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