Sweet Photos From Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin's Spiritual New Year's Trip to Israel

The couple welcomed 2017 in the Holy Land and shared photos from their once in a lieftime adventures.

Charli Penn Jan, 02, 2017

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The Franklins pose for a photo after "soaking and floating" in the Dead Sea to wash away the old and bring in the new.

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When they arrived in Tel Aviv, Good shared this shot to show her fans where they were visiting for the holiday.

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While visiting the Jordan River, Franklin wrote that there was no minister on duty as they expected so he answered a call from God to step in. "I wasn't anticipating that God had me in mind to be the minister on duty. LOL! At first, I said "no way" then I said 'whatever God's will is, I will do' so we rented a robe, I threw on my shorts and did as I had been trained to do (been a long time since I did a baptism). I baptized 3 beautiful souls in the Jordan River! And the peace that fell on all of us was amazing!"

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Good rode a camel during her visit to the region.

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The Franklins welcomed the New Year in Israel and sent blessings and well wishes to fans via Instagram with this photo.

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The Franklins watched the beautiful sun rise over The Sea of Galilee during their trip.

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Good and her husband paused for a moment of reflection while watching the sun rise over The Sea of Galilee.

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Franklin snapped this picture of the Sea of Galilee, and captioned it: "This is a real picture I just took of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water."

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"You gotta look 2017 in the face and ask yourself: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT," wrote Franklin as the caption for this photo where he's seen posing covered in mud from the dead sea, which is said to kill old skin cells. He continued, "I put it on my entire body, I don't want anything dead in my life coming with me into 2017. In order to be reborn, you must die first. Welcome to the Rebirth!!

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Good shared this photo of herself reflecting in the moment with the following caption: "#Jerusalem, you have blown my mind today. Today as a group we have had experiences & made memories I will remember for a lifetime."

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Wearing matching his and her jackets to battle the chill, the Franklins took in the many sites while visiting Israel.

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Good and friends enjoyed touring the Holy Land and took this photo to show off their joy.