Have An Alternate Phone Number and An Exit Plan! Here's Your Online Dating Cheat Sheet

Meet new people online with less drama and more success with these matchmaker approved secrets.

The Matchmaking Duo Aug, 17, 2017

Two of the main concerns or apprehensions some women have when starting to date online is security and trust. They have either been jaded or informed of a bad date, or three, from a friend, which has given them pause about this almost unavoidable “new way” of dating. Yes, with anything online you do need to proceed with caution, but as professional matchmakers, we’ve learned how to arm our clients with tools and tips to have a fun, happy, and exciting online dating experience. Here’s your online dating master plan

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If you’re really getting into online dating you’re mostly likely meeting several people at once. It’s a great idea to set up another way that people can reach you besides your home or main cell phone with something like Google voice or a separate cell.

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It only takes a minute to send the name and contact information to someone you know just so they’re informed of who you’re meeting. You may not need their opinion at the moment but just to be safe it’s always great to share. Another tip is to take the li

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We’re in this new information age which is great for online dating. There’s no excuse not to at the very least verify the persons information by doing a quick search of their name, place of business, etc. just to confirm they are who they say they are.

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Yes we know you’re all grown up but remember, no matter how much you may have connected online and over the phone, this is still a stranger. Always have a first meeting in a public place just to verify that your interest is still there and everything pan

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Especially if you’ve met someone long distance, how many times have we heard that one or both parties eventually show up and have been catfished. It’s quite alright to download a video app on your phone or computer and have a fun face-to-face date prior

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We love when a man wants to be chivalrous and pick you up. But when you’ve met online, we suggest driving separately at least for the first meeting for several reasons whether it’s to be able to leave early or just to have the ability to leave when you’r

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If the conversation online is going well, it’s perfectly ok to give your first name so you both know who you’re talking to. But there’s no need to give your last name because again in this age of information, unscrupulous people can find your address, wh

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So in the past you’ve always dated tall, dark, and handsome or you’re usually mesmerized with a nice smile. Focus more on his written summary and the description of what he’s looking for first to determine if he’s worthy of reaching out. If yes, then ba

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So your friend when on XYZ site didn’t have any luck. Does that cancel out all the thousands of people who met not only 1 match but had several positive dating experiences and even got hitched? No. Clear your mind and decide to see for yourself. You kn

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Every woman has some great “assets” to accentuate in her photos for her online profile. But take a moment and think of 1 or 2 that you want to highlight but not all. Remember if you dress too provocatively, the message sent is, “I’m ok with a hookup.”

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We always say it’s a good idea to start with 1 or 2 sites. Be aware that the most activity will be when you’ve just uploaded your profile because you’re new and highlighted. So check your inbox regularly and if you don’t initiate conversations at all yo

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Know that everyone on your site of choice is open to a new relationship in some capacity so you’re already starting with hundreds of people in your immediate area who are searching just like you. Why wouldn’t there be someone interesting just for you? He

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