#MCM: Nigerian Nollywood Star Enyinna Nwigwe Is Bae

One of Nollywood's biggest stars steps into our #MCM spotlight. Ladies, can you handle it?

Lauren Porter Aug, 14, 2017

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"I currently live in Lagos and I love it here!," said the 34-year-old. "Lagos serves both my passion for entertainment and business. The city is both a commercial and entertainment hub of Nigeria. The energy in Lagos is second to none!"

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"I started out purely by accident, as a student in the University of Calabar," admitted the Ngor Okpala in Imo State, Nigeria native. "I had just been introduced to runway modeling and started organizing fashion shows. Around the time I met movie director named Jeta Amata and became friends. I invited him to a show I was organizing at the time and he returned the gesture by inviting me to his movie set the following week. While on set watching him do what he does best, it came to this scene which he thought would look better with an extra cast in it to fill the frame. He convinced me to give it a go, I accepted and the bug bit hard! My breakout moments include my role in Black November. I co-starred alongside Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Akon, Vivica A Fox, Anne Heche, Persia White, and Wyclef . Another film was The Wedding Party which is currently the highest grossing film in west Africa along with Silver Rain and All About Love both Pan African films."

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"Yes, I do love what I do without doubt," the Virgo shared. "I'm inspired by quite a number of things. There's the ability to entertain people and shift their moods from sad to happy, also the ability to shift and shape perception for the good of humanity. I am also inspired by the ability to bring life into issues while putting a human face to socially relevant conversations."

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Listen up ladies, Enyinna is single! "Yes I am single. Why? I guess my heart knows things that my mind can't explain but I am open to finding love. Three things people would be surprised to learn about me is that I am an ambivert, in 2013 I survived a ghastly accident skidding off a cliff and I know how to braid hair!"

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The most embarrassing thing the actor has ever done for love? Well the answer might surprise you! "As a teenager I picked up a paper that had a beautifully written poem on it. It probably dropped from a writer or messenger. I handed it straight to my dream girl without mention of it's source and it worked!"