The 8 Most Ridiculous Reasons Not To Date Someone

Stop making these excuses about why they're not the one, and open yourself up to new possibilities in love.

The Matchmaking Duo Jul, 13, 2017

As certified relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, it’s often frustrating when clients come with a long list of “their type” and reasons why they haven’t found “the one” yet. We hear some reasons more than others, but these eight far too often. Here are the top reasons you could be holding yourself back from being open to new love.

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What we’ve found is this conversation needs to be moved forward even more because just because he earns a particular salary doesn’t mean that he has good credit or not living from paycheck to paycheck. He might even be trying to keep up with “The Jones’” and broke as a joke behind closed doors. It’s more about disposable income than the salary on paper.

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Family pressure can be a beast. But if no one has told you, come closer and let us share a nugget. They’ve lived their lives and made their choices and guess what? They never asked for your opinion or approval at the time. So why the pressure? Put your big boy or big girl underwear on and start living YOUR life. They are already spooning…… Trust yourself, you’ve got this!

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We’re not saying that you should date someone who just doesn’t care about his appearance at all. But there have been many occasions where a man just wasn’t aware of how he could update his look or his lifestyle just never warranted it. Be open and see how he reacts if you give him some fabulous socks for his suit or an updated pair of jeans. You just might discover you have free reign and keep in mind this is an easy fix!

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In our business we have screened thousands of men and some have taken the collegiate route and some have not. What we’ve learned is that intelligence and common sense don’t always come with a degree. But it’s more about knowledge and the ability to understand, comprehend, grow, and lead. We’ve met men who have Ivy League degrees and doing absolutely nothing with it living a mediocre lifestyle so it’s all relative.

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We’ve seen so many people pass up great catches because they were a couple years older or younger than what they envisioned for themselves. For example if you come across someone who is 30 years old and more mature and established than the average 37 year old, why not give it a chance?

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So often at the very top of the list of requirements for single women is that he must be taller than me when I wear heels.   Keep in mind ladies, the average man is 5’9”.  So if you’re 5’4” why exactly does he need to be 6’3” to even be considered?  If he’s a great guy who’s treating you well and making you a priority he just grew 3 inches overnight! 

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Dating outside one’s race or culture can often be really out of your comfort zone. But even at a basic level, think of all the possibilities and how much it opens up the pool of candidates. A good guy doesn’t have to have a color. You can’t attach color to credibility, integrity, morals, and values.

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Yes we agree it’s nice to have some similarities with your partner, but it’s unrealistic to require him to enjoy the ballet, sightseeing in faraway lands, AND book club. There are some things that you’ll have to agree to enjoy outside of the relationship and that just makes conversations around experiences and new things you’ve learned even more interesting when you come back together. Remember he doesn’t need to be your peer, just your man!

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We don’t want you to compartmentalize yourself and miss out on a great potential match. It’s time to throw away all these ridiculous reasons not to and step outside of what’s familiar.  Try something different and see what happens!   Tweet us and let us know how it works out.  Here’s to LOVE!

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