#MCM: Canadian Cutie Herly Ulysse Is All Of The Chocolate You Need

This brother will brighten your day, promise.

Lauren Porter Aug, 21, 2017

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Meet 22-year-old Herly Ulysse, the Montreal Quebec, Canada native currently lives in a quiet city in Central Florida.

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What's this cutie pie doing on a Friday or Saturday night? "Hopefully doing something active," he admits. "I do tend to go out spending time with family and loved ones, we had some wild nights!"

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"I can cook, clean and I keep myself up," Herly says. "I'm the romantic type, very attentive great listener and willing to come out of my comfort zone."

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"I am single and I have been for about 6 months," the hunk admits. "I'm not looking for love at the moment. I'm focused of being the best version of myself. If I'm not the best version of myself, what can I offer the woman I want to be with?"

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"My hobbies consists of bonding with family, cooking, playing basketball, working out, or doing anything physically challenging. I love to test my limits and my abilities. I am a pretty competitive but I try not to show it because a silent killer is deadly one. I'm not afraid to laugh at myself because it's part of having fun."

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"Admitting when your wrong is I think is what a lot of people struggle with," begins Herly." I myself also struggle with that as well but I do quietly dwell on situations looking at it from different points of view and I'm not afraid to say I'm sorry."

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"I love when a woman likes to try and take control and drag me around sometimes because I hate driving!"

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So what's in Herly's Netflix queue when it comes to chilling with bae? "I’m a flexible man so it's whatever she wants as long as I can see something with action, suspense, or horror but if we're being honest, I'll probably be asleep before the intro!"

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"Working out is very important to me and I do it 4 to 5 days a week," he says. "The key to success in the gym with me is to be consistent, eating healthy and believing in the process. There's no secret; I just have my methods that work for me and my body."

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"I go hard for anyone I claim as my family, I'm very passionate in my ideas and opinions, I'm love to laugh and I'm a very goofy and silly person."

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"A woman’s demeanor and the one of a kind experience she can make you feel is special," says Herly of a woman's sexiest qualities. "When she's being a little aggressive showing you how crazy she can be while keeping a level head and continuously keeping me on my toes is sexy to me."

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"I love a women that smells good and when she leaves the room her scent still lingers in the room. I love a woman that can dress sexy without having to be completely naked."

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"I think there's different levels of sexy for a woman to be so it just depends the way she goes about seducing me but the sexiest part of a woman’s body is definitely her eyes."