#MCM: You'll Want to Salute Hunky Army Vet Trevor Bernard

This California native has stolen our hearts.

Lauren Porter Jun, 05, 2017

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"I was in the Army for three years and got honorably discharged in March 2016," said Trevor, 22. "I enrolled school right after that and am a full time student since with a major in Administration Of Justice."

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"I love cleaning my cars, I mean really cleaning in general because that’s really how I spend my pass time if I’m not sleeping, eating, or working out," said the Scorpio and California native. "I’m either cleaning my car or cleaning my house!"

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"I started working out while in the army when I was deployed in Kuwait/Iraq," the Pasadena native shared. "I do all natural body building and I love it. I just love that doing what I love has taken me this far and I enjoy pushing my body to new limits everyday."

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"I do all natural body building and I love it," Trevor said. "I just love that doing what I love has taken me this far and I enjoy pushing my body to new limits everyday."

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"I am not single because I had my high school sweetheart waiting three years for me to get out the Army. Even if she wanted to leave me, I wouldn’t let her." Aww!

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"Honestly, the best part if were talking body parts, is a women’s rear end...because thats where the magic happens!"

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Want to know three things about Trevor? 

"I do talk a lot of mess, but it’s all love, I used to be a Police Explorer when I was younger and I’ve always wanted to be a cop and thanks to my Jamaican genetics, I am still exceptionally fast, despite my massive build."

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"I fall for a woman’s mindset and ambition," said Trevor. "I love a woman with goals. That means they’re always strive to be better than they were the day before and thats what I’m about. Everyday I wake up with the purpose to build and I love women who do the same."

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What makes Trevor totally #MCM worthy? "My body, my charm and my gentle nature." We definitely agree!

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"When I was in the Army and our base was on lock down, I snuck off and flew to California just to be able to watch my girlfriend walk the stage at her college graduation," Trevor revealed. Now that's love!

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"The bravest thing I’ve ever done is probably fighting for my country even though it doesn’t always fight back for me. The coolest thing I’ve ever done is definitely piloting/flying an unmanned aircraft overseas."