#MCM: Philadelphia Native Dawayne Briggs Is Such A Handsome Hunk

Ladies, personal trainer Dawayne Briggs is here to ease your Monday blues! With his laid back personality and easy going vibe, he's definitely swoon-worthy...and his abs are everything! Learn more about this week's MCM below:

Lauren Porter May, 08, 2017

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"I don't think you should go looking for love," the 32-year-old said. "Love is something that finds you. Love happens organically!"

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"Yes, ladies I am single and my DM's are open LOL!," the fitness fantatic shared. "Maybe because it's just not the right time for me yet, you know?"

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"I currently reside in Philadelphia," Dawayne shared. "I really love it here. The people here are vibrant, full of life and most importantly, respectful." 

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"I knew I wanted a 'lifestyle change' before I became a personal trainer. Once I began experiencing a BIG difference in my energy level, and started to see the major transformation of my body, I immediately knew this was it; fitness would be my number one passion. I studied the fitness industry constantly, day and night, which ultimately led me to become a certified personal trainer."

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"My favorite hobby is exercising," said Dawayne. "My favorite past times are shooting pool and playing basketball with my day one homies."

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"Trust me, a lot of things would make me the perfect match," he admitted. "But to sum it all up in one, I am an intelligent, caring, loveable, handsome and in-shape respectful gentleman!"

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Want to know if you're the kind of woman who turns Dawayne on? He loves someone who is educated and strong. "A woman who is not so insecure about herself and is confident is major for me," he shared. 

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The perfect date with Dawayne starts outdoors. "I'm an outdoor type of guy. So, maybe something really adventurous like horseback riding, followed by wine tasting and top it off with a candle light dinner." Sign us up right now!

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Want to know the most embarassing thing this Capricorn has ever done in love? "I sent beautiful red roses to a woman everyday for a whole month just so I can ask her out!" Not too bad. 

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"Cooking is something I can use some lessons on!" Dawayne admitted. "I'm just being honest." The ladies do love honesty. 

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"Yes, I have a son," the Philly resident shared. "I love him to death. Lord, this boy is my everything! He is 10 years old. Fatherhood to me means to do whatever it takes legally and morally to give your child the best upbringing as possible."

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The sexiest qualities in a woman that Dawayne just loves? Intelligence, confidence, passionate, honesty and loyalty.

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One thing you might be surprised to learn about Dawayne? He loves to play tennis!