#MCM: Boston Native Omar Parkman Is A Total Bearded Bae

Hey ladies, get ready to swoon!

Lauren Porter Jul, 10, 2017

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"I'm big on details," said Omar. "I love the small things in life."

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Three things to know about Omar? "1) I can do 60 pushups in 60 seconds 2) I used to get bullied in middle school 3) I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18 years old."

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"The perfect date to me is getting dressed up (suit tie) and her ( nice sexy and classy dress). We can go to a nice place for dinner. We'd take a walk and talk while staring at the stars. I'm a hopeless romantic."

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"The most embarrassing thing I've ever done for love was in 6th grade when I left a teddy bear next to my crushes locker with a cheesy love note attached. She ended up giving it back to me the next day and dating my best friend a week later," admitted Omar.

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"I think I’m a catch because I’m super goofy, super fun and incredibly loving," the Taurus admitted.

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"I got started completely by accident actually. A friend of mine just asked me to fill in for a missing model and I was bold enough to say yes! The rest is history. One of my break out moments was when I got the opportunity to walk in Boston Fashion Week and met America's Next Top Model Winner Eva Marcille."

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"Yes I love what I do," said Omar. "I inspire myself to keep going each day. My passion for fashion and the arts keeps motivated. I've been modeling for about 4, going on 5 years now."

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"The sexiest part of a woman's body are her eyes and her smile," Omar admitted. "Soon as I see pearly white teeth and magical eyes I'm a goner!"

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"The sexiest quality a woman can posses is to be understanding," the model and retail worker shared. "To have a woman who knows how you operate and truly understands you is pure bliss."

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Listen up ladies! Omar says, "Yes I am currently single, I’m focused on my career right now. I don’t want to get distracted. I’m not looking for love, I believe when you look for something it tends to dodge you. So I try to let love find me. I can’t lie though, there are some beautiful queens in this world!"

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"I don't have a type as far as looks," the Boston born model says. "It's all mental for me. Show me where your mind is baby and I'll show you what you need to see."

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"I can't lie, I can cook but it's nothing special! It's the typical chicken, burger and pasta. I'm going to learn soon!"

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"When I Netflix and Chill I like to watch...let's just say, Netflix isn't on for very long." Well then!

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"I go to the gym 5 days a week. I focus on muscle confusion and insane workouts that you wouldn’t normally do."

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"I have 2 sides of me: a grandpa or a party animal," Omar admitted of what he's most likely doing on a Friday or Saturday night. "The grandpa in me is either working or staying in and the party animal is out having a ball at network events or functions."