Just Engaged: Marissa and Zach

Marissa and Zach first locked eyes on an Atlanta dance floor. They were both in town visiting family for Thanksgiving and soon discovered a new romance to be grateful for. Now they are preparing to jump the broom. Share in their love!

Charreah Jackson May, 29, 2013

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Marissa and Zach are excited for their summer wedding against the New York City skyline.

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Yes, you can find love in the club! This couple met on the middle of the dance floor. “Never did I imagine that three years later we’d be headed down the aisle,” Marissa says. “I still chuckle when I remember I didn’t want to go out that night.”

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Marissa and Zach started their romance in a long-distance relationship with her in Washington, D.C. and him in New York City. “When we first met I thought a guy this good-looking must be a ‘player.’ I’m glad he proved my assumptions wrong.”

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“I knew Zach was the one for me the first time I was really in crisis,” Marissa says. “A year into dating, I got a new job in New York. When I arrived with all my things in tow, I found out that my apartment fell through. Zach moved mountains to make sure that I had whatever I needed until I found a new place.”

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Zach fell fast for Marissa. “I knew she was the one very quickly,” he says. “I had never felt for anyone what I felt so genuinely for her. Other girls in my past put up with my foolishness, but not her. She had standards and expected the very best of me. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if it weren’t for her coming into my life.”

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“Zach does lots of sweet things for me,” Marissa shares. “One of my favorite things he does is give me flowers on the 25th of every month. We met on the 25th of November three years ago. It’s sweet that he takes time to remember that day every month.”

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“I like listening to music with her,” Zach says. “Sometimes we listen to oldies on Saturday’s while cleaning the house in our PJs. She thinks she can sing, and it’s funny to hear her try.”

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The couple had been dating two and a half years when Zach popped the question. They are planning to marry at the same restaurant where he proposed. “I was a little nervous, but mostly because I was so excited to see the look on her face,” he says. “Once I got down on one knee, it was smooth sailing.”

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“I love that my future husband is full of life and laughter. He’s always smiling and not much can get him down,” Marissa shares.

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“My wedding theme is vintage decadence,” Marissa says. “I love how simple things like mason jars and Birchwood can combine with lace and pearls to create true elegance.”

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So what does Zach love most about his television producer bride-to-be? “Her drive,” he answers. “There isn’t anything you can tell that woman that she can’t do. She’ll just prove you wrong.”

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“We both work a lot during the week, so whenever we can, we just enjoy lying around on the couch together,” Marissa shares. “It’s the simple things that matter most to us in our relationship.”

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“My ring is simple and classic – a princess cut diamond set in platinum,” shares the bride-to-be. “We looked at rings together before we actually got engaged, but I did not select my ring with him.”

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“There aren’t enough words to express how much my future wife means to me,” Zach confesses. “I’m excited about all the firsts including our first home together, our first child and our first year of marriage.”

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“He loves me even when I’m difficult to love,” shares the bride-to-be of her future husband. “I know I’m not going to be my best everyday, and with him I don’t have to be, I can just be Marissa.”

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“It’s exciting to think that we’re really about to embark on this journey together,” says Zach. “I feel so free in my love with her.”

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Marissa still reminisces on the couple’s second date. “I was in New York for the weekend and Zach took me to a romantic Italian restaurant,” she says. “After dinner, we jetted to the theater district. I thought we were going to see a show, but instead he took me on a horse and carriage ride.”

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Marissa and Zach are excited for their August wedding in New Jersey. Celebrate with us and post your well wishes below. Want to see your engagement photos featured on the site? Email us now!