Just Engaged: ESSENCE Storybook Wedding Winners Kyla and Aaron

Take a look at romantic moments from Kyla and Aaron's engagement photo shoot.
Charli Penn Aug, 07, 2012

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Meet Kyla and Aaron, the winners of the ESSENCE Storybook Wedding contest. The college sweethearts met and fell madly in love their sophomore year, and this summer, Aaron surprised Kyla with a romantic proposal at Disney World. You voted them the winners of a fabulous dream wedding, and with a little help from ESSENCE and planner to the stars Diann Valentine, they’re tying the knot in style this fall in Atlanta, Georgia. Can you feel the love?

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“My first impression of Aaron was that he was handsome, but pretty cocky,” Kyla admits. Luckily, he quickly won her over with his charm and willing heart.

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“I wouldn’t say that I played hard to get,” says Kyla. “I don’t think either one of us at the time we met were looking for a serious relationship, especially since it was our sophomore year in college.” But, as life teaches us, sometimes true love just won’t wait.

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“Our most romantic trip ever was one we took to Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Kyla recalls. “Chattanooga is only about an hour from Atlanta, so I surprised Aaron with a weekend trip. I booked touristy things to do and we just had fun being with each other and exploring a new city. I had a ton of fun and just loved being there with Aaron and having no distractions.”

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Aaron won over Kyla in so many ways, but it was his devotion to her family that really warmed her heart. “It’s sweet when he spends time with my two brothers,” Kyla says. “My youngest brother is fourteen and it means so much to me to see Aaron spend time with him and treat him like family.”

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When she learned about the Storybook Wedding Contest, Kyla had a hunch Aaron might propose. Luckily, that didn’t take away from the magic she felt when he finally did during a romantic dinner at Disney World.

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“My friends think Aaron is very handsome and very funny,” reveals Kyla, who says he has won over everyone in her life. “And, my parents think he is a great guy and great match for me.” It shows, Kyla!

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“I love his parents like my own,” Kyla says. “They’re absolutely wonderful!”

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“I love that my future husband is a God fearing man!” says Kyla.

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“Aaron was meant for me,” says the bride-to-be, who’s looking forward to becoming Mrs. Maupin this fall.

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Kyla and Aaron haven’t decided where they’ll honeymoon just yet, but they plan to tie the knot in a modern wedding ceremony — hello pink and navy color palette! — and accent their decor with Southern charm.

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During his proposal, Aaron made sure a nearby harpist played “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, which is he and Kyla’s favorite Disney song.

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Watch Aaron propose to Kyla here and leave your best wishes below. Lookout for their wedding photos in an upcoming issue of ESSENCE magazine.