Just Engaged: Brittany and Bobby

Brittany's mother knew that Bobby was the man for her daughter the moment she met him and the two have been dating long distance ever since. Now the love bugs are preparing to jump the broom and they're excited to finally be closer than a phone call away. Let's help them celebrate!

Charlene Cooper Apr, 23, 2013

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Public relations spokesperson, Brittany, 26, met air traffic controller, Bobby, 26, while picking out her Christmas gift three years ago. That day she had no idea that she'd be walking away with the best gift ever; her future husband's heart. "He seemed like a very nice guy," says Brittany. Little did she know back then, wedding bells were in their future.

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Brittany had no plans for a relationship when she met Bobby and would have never thought love would sneak up on her. "I had just gotten out of a very serious relationship," she shares. "I was enjoying the single life!"

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"Her big, bright eyes drew me in," Bobby spills. "I love them and her smile. Her ambition for success is probably the intangible quality I love most."

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After dating for some time, Brittany couldn't hold her love for Bobby in any longer. "I’ve always been a person who says 'I love you' so quickly, but this time I wanted to wait and get to know him a little longer," she says. "We had been dating for almost a year before I blurted out those three words."

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"I love that my future husband is caring, protective, hilarious and good-looking," says Brittany.

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Bobby impressed Brittany's mother and grandfather upon first meeting them and her family hasn't stopped loving him since. "My parents love how respectful, kind and upfront he has been with them from the beginning," Brittany tells us. "They’ve said it’s comforting knowing that I’ll be in good hands."

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One thing Brittany credits Bobby with is teaching her that change can be good. "He’s made me a better me," Brittany says.

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"I fell in love with her because she was the first girl I ever woke up thinking about and fell asleep thinking about," Bobby shares. "I couldn’t get her off my mind, no matter what."

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Brittany and Bobby dated for three years before they decided to take their love to the next level. Aren't they cute?

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"People love his humor, his caring ways and his willingness to do anything to make me happy," says the blissful bride-to-be. We can tell Bobby is totally smitten with his wife-to-be.

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"I did my fair share of ring shopping with my girls first to decide on what type of ring I wanted," Brittany reveals. "I then took a list of everything that I wanted to Bobby and he found a jeweler to make my dream ring a reality!"

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"We love to laugh, so anything that involves laughter is usually what we’re doing," Brittany shares.

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"I think he chose to marry me because when we’re together it’s like nothing else matters," says Brittany. "And that feeling alone is enough to always keep our love alive."

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"I knew this would be my first and last time proposing in life," says the groom-to-be. "And, she had been itching for it to happen for about a year already. I liked my odds."

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Brittany and Bobby can't wait to finally have each other at arm's' length. "Having a long distance relationship is hard," says Brittany. "Being able to come home and see my man already there after a long day at work will be so refreshing." She and Bobby will make it offical this August in Birmingham, Alabama. Join us in congratulating the happy couple. Want to see your engagement photos featured on the site? Email us now!