Every Single Tender Moment John Legend and His Wife Chrissy Teigen Shared In 2016

This year John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen took their sweet love story to new heights. When they became parents in April, the Internet collectively said "aww!" Here are all of the moments the lovebirds (and sometimes their baby girl Luna) made us swoon in 2016.

Charli Penn Dec, 12, 2016

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That time they shared the love and their pregnancy joy with all of their friends and family at their royal themed baby shower.

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That time they stole this movie kiss courtside and took our hearts away right along with it.

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That time they were picture perfect while strolling through Los Angeles hand-in-hand.

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That time Legend joined his wife on stage at Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle: All Stars Live in September in Studio City, California.

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That time they swooned over the birth of their daughter, baby Luna.

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That time they cuddled at the God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart awards in October.

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That time they were glued to each other's sides on the red carpet.

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That time John stole a kiss at the Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards in Los Angeles.

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That time they stole a moment of pure bliss while vacationing and the camera captured all of the love.

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The time their sweet family of three took this ussie, and all of the world swooned.

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That time they proved to us they're always camera ready.

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That time they were ready for the ball game with baby Luna by their sides.

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That time they took their new daughter on vacation to Italy and made family vacation photo magic.

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That time they reminded us that they're just like us.

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That time they celebrated the release of Legend's hit new single "Love Me Now."

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That time they stole a moment in paradise.

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That time their selfie game was 100-percent on point, like so.

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Somewhere in the world they were creating date night magic, one sweet couple portrait at a time.

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That time they were picture perfect and absolutely adorable on date night.