45 Reasons Why Idris Elba Will Forever Be Bae

As if being fine, British and wonderful weren't enough!

Lauren Porter Sep, 06, 2017

To celebrate Elba’s 45th birthday, we’re breaking down all of the reasons why he’s the best to ever do it.

1 of 45 Dave J Hogan

We love to see Idris in a suit but we'd love even more to see him out of it.

2 of 45

We've never wanted to be a sweater so badly.

3 of 45

Be still our beating hearts.

4 of 45 Randy Holmes

We'd love for this man to walk into our lives and into our bedrooms too.

5 of 45

This. Smolder. Is. Making. Us. Want. To. Do. Things.

6 of 45 Anthony Harvey

Who looks this good in a trench coat?!

7 of 45

If he's going to be nerdy, he makes it look damn sexy!

8 of 45

When he spins, so do our hearts!

9 of 45 Dia Dipasupil

This salt-n-pepper is making us so anxious.

10 of 45 John Phillips

Idris and pink is a combination we always love.

11 of 45

We'd love to give Idris a piece or our hearts and well, other things too.

12 of 45

A wink and a smile from this man will always make us weak in the knees.

13 of 45 NBC

We never thought this color would ever look this good but somehow Idris just does it.

14 of 45

We'd love to help him take this sweater all the way off.

15 of 45

Whew, a smile that makes all our panties melt away.

16 of 45

The things we'd do with this sweat.

17 of 45 David M. Benett

Who knew standing with your arms folded could be this sexy.

18 of 45

Dance for us, baby!

19 of 45 David M Benett

Casual and cute, Idris always gets it right.

20 of 45 Paul Bruinooge

We've got the blues for this man!

21 of 45 Newspix

Ahh, the calm we feel from this photo.

22 of 45 getty images

Yes daddy!

23 of 45

Good Lord, the things we would do!

24 of 45

Only bae has a side-eye that could look this sexy.

25 of 45 NBC

He's always calm, cool and collected. We love that!

26 of 45 Barry King

No tie, no problem!

27 of 45 Julien Hekimian

He's gorgeous in grey. Yes, yes, yes!

28 of 45 Didier Baverel

We are currently having impure thoughts looking at this photo. Please excuse us.

29 of 45 FilmMagic

Can he get anymore handsome?

30 of 45 David M. Benett

Seriously, how does his hot chocolate just get better with time!

31 of 45 Robin Marchant

Ahh, we'd get lost looking into his eyes forever.

32 of 45 David M. Benett

No one rocks a coat like him but we aren't afraid to admit that we'd love to keep him warm.

33 of 45 Jason LaVeris

His black is oh-so beautiful.

34 of 45 Daniel Zuchnik

Color blocking has never looked so good, tbh.

35 of 45 Mike Marsland

Idris could just stand there in this suit and we wouldn't know what to do!

36 of 45 Kevin Mazur

What a British babe.

37 of 45 Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle

The way this sweater is clinging though.

38 of 45 Joshua Blanchard

He even looks good in a hat. Thank you Jesus.

39 of 45 John Sciulli

We can't find a flaw!

40 of 45 Kevork Djansezian

Oh, we'd definitely help Idris celebrate this win the right way.

41 of 45 Dave Hogan

You better wear this color bae.

42 of 45 Ethan Miller/BET

Just like wine, this man is only getting better with time and we shall praise the Lord for it.

43 of 45 Larry Busacca

This t-shirt looks great but we know he'd look even better with it off.

44 of 45 John Ricard

Sexy in stripes, whew!

45 of 45 Dave Hogan

Those arms are just, yes.