Hurt Bae Sat Down With Her Ex One Year Later And Let's Just Say It Did Not Go Well

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Lauren Porter Feb, 23, 2018

Last year, a woman dubbed #HurtBae (real name: Kourtney Jorge) by the internet and her now ex, Leonard Long III sat down for an interview to discuss the shortcomings of their relationship. The video went viral.

In the nearly 7-minute clip, we learn that Long had sex with other girls so many different times that he lost count and dared to place blame on Jorge and question her for staying with a man she loved despite knowing he was unfaithful.

One year later, the ex best friends and lovers sat down to talk about how their lives have changed since becoming the poster children for indefility and garnering viral fame. Let’s just say it did not go well—at all.

In the video, Long shares that in the time they’ve broken up he’s learned to drink water and exfoliate. As for Jorge, she’s moved on and found love with someone who deserves her.


During their catch-up conversation, Long implied that he made his intentions clear from the beginning. Those intentions being that he never sought a relationship with Jorge. She said he did quite the opposite.

Because Black Twitter loves a good follow-up story, users picked apart the aftermath of Jorge and Long’s talk. And according to them, the #HurtBae torched may have been passed to Long.

What do you think of #HurtBae part 2? Was it a necessary conversation for closure or did it just reopen an old wound?