#MCM: Haitian Model Mcdonald Jean-Louis Is In the Running For The Hottest Chocolate Around

Heaven help us. The model is bringing the heat, and some.

Lauren Porter Jul, 17, 2017

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"I absolutely love what I do," the athlete, author, model and student shares. "Being an inspiration to others is what inspires me. I love the feeling of having someone say, 'hey, you inspire me to be the best me!'"

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"I'm sapiosexual so a woman's mind is what's most sexiest to me," the 23-year-old admits. "A beautiful mind will turn me on quicker than a beautiful body would!"

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"I'm the perfect catch because I am a mature and focused man! Not only this but I'm also an old school gentleman. Plus I'm handsome, fit and I know how to be the leader a lady needs!" Hey, we won't argue with that!

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"I'm a gym rat so I'm in the gym everyday," the Virgo shares. "I don't do anything special in the gym but what has worked for me is doing each exercise as intense as I can with minimum rest in between sets! I love the burn!"

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"My hobbies are reading self help books and playing basketball," says Jean-Louis. "My favorite past time is being back on the islands of the Bahamas with my friends. Growing up there was so much fun, we'd build club houses in the bushes and stay there all day. We had everything in our clubhouses: light, stove, carpet and food' it was an actual house!"

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"The most embarrassing thing I've ever done for love has to be the one time I got caught stealing quarters out of my grandmother's room because I wanted to buy an ice-cream sandwich for my girlfriend." Aww, so sweet!

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"Coolest thing I've ever done is Parasailing! Being so high in the air was pretty frightening and cool," the athlete told ESSENCE. "But the thrill I experienced definitely made it a once in a lifetime experience."

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"The bravest thing ever I've done is leaving home at 15 years old and moving to another island to live with a complete stranger in hopes I would be in a better position to accomplish my dreams."

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"The perfect date for me is an evening on the beach under the stars and moonlight," says Jean-Louis. "I love the cool breeze and the sound of the waves going back forth as I express myself."

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"I think a woman's sexiest qualities are: attitude, confidence and sense of humor! A woman with a great attitude, high confidence and good sense of humor is unstoppable in my eyesight."

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"An intellectual woman turns me on! A woman that could stimulate me mentally."

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What goes down in Jean-Louis DMs? The world may never know. "I plead the fifth," he says jokingly!