Eye Candy Alert! 7 Sexy Trainers Who Will Have You Wanting To Join Their Gym Today

Kimberly Wilson Sep, 11, 2018

We can all admit that sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to make it to the gym. Between work, spouses, family, friends and personal obligations, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. But sometimes all you need is an extra push by way of a little eye candy to get you motivated. And these personal trainers offer all of that and then some.

There’s more to these men than meets the eye however. Not only are they fine, but they’re also some of the top personal trainers in the country, so they also know a thing or two about getting fit.

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You’re welcome ladies!

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Corporate exec by day, fitness guru by night, we’re not sure how former football player Kareen Hyman finds the time to keep his body fit and trim. But we’re also not complaining either! Follow him on Instagram @fit_reem

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You may recognize Darrell “iAmTheRealDP” Patterson from his stint on RHOA. But when he’s not politicking with Atlanta’s elite, he’s also an international fitness trainer and nutrition specialist who has been changing lives one pound at a time. Follow him on Instagram @iamtherealdp

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Boxing champion and personal trainer Thomas Boatswain has been keeping NYC fit for years. As the co-founder of JTW Fit, he’s on a mission to keep Harlem healthy — on a budget. Follow him on Instagram @hardbodyboat

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As a former football star, Curtis Williams knows what it takes to keep his body right. Currently, he’s a celebrity personal trainer (including Ne-Yo) and owner of Training C.A.M.P., so it’s no surprise his body stays fighting trim. Follow him on Instagram @curtiswilliams17

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Credited with getting Michael B. Jordan’s body right for Creed (and the upcoming Creed 2), as well as Black Panther, Corey Calliet is a trainer to the stars. The expert trainer is also featured on E! Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian, where he helps to sculpt bodies — other than his own, which already seems quite perfect. Follow him on Instagram @mrcalliet

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Whew, lawd. That’s all we can say about Jacob Sumana. Not just easy on the eyes, the personal trainer is also an International Men’s Fitness Competitor who grew up in Denmark and the U.S. Follow him on Instagram @jacobsumana

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The grapes aren’t the only snack in this photo of Dontrell Britton. The former inmate turned trainer is changing lives with his 24-hour prison style bootcamp in DC that hires former inmates as instructors. Brains and buff, we love it. Follow him on Instagram @trellthetrainer