Eye Candy: Our Favorite Muscle Men

Eye Candy: Our Favorite Muscle Men
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 29, 2012

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Shemar Moore treats Miami beach-goers to all of this glistening goodness weekly. Raise your hand if you’re suddenly considering a move to The Sunshine State?

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Fitness does a body good. Just look at The Biggest Loser celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince. Let’s all pause for a moment and admire the wonder that is Quince’s 12-pack. Is it hot in here?

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We recently spotted Craig David doing an outdoor workout at a park in Miami Beach. Yummy!

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The king of smooth, seductive rhymes keeps his physique as solid as a rock.

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At just 26, Trinidadian-born track and field star Kerron Clement is a two-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist headed to London to compete in the 2012 summer games. And, in case you missed it, the brother has one of the tightest eight-packs we’ve ever seen. Fitness does a body good, no? Go, Kerron, go!

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British born actor Ricky Whittle, who’s joining the cast of Single Ladies this season, has made quite a splash in Los Angeles, where he turns heads left and right when he’s spotted out on his morning run.

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We don’t call him Dwayne “The Roc” Johnson for nothing — the man’s still got some of the biggest biceps around and a showstopping smile to match.

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Model Tyson Beckford maybe 40 now, but those abs and pecs haven’t aged a bit.

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112 member Q. Parker recently released a hot summer solo single, and we’re thinking, with abs like these to complement that sultry falsetto of his, it won’t be hard for him to shine.

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Personal trainer and dancer Shaun T. is known for his hardcore workout videos — “Insanity,” “Rocking Body” and “Hip Hop Abs” — but we’re also loving his toned arms, sculpted back and handsome face.

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We knew NFL wide receiver Devin Thomas was a heartbreaker the moment he walked into our offices. We haven’t been able to stop ourselves from falling for him again and again, and again.

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New York Giants cornerback Will Blackmon is taking advantage of a little off-season down time to try his hand at modeling. As you can see from this steaming hot photo, he’s a natural.

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Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards wins big on the field, and with the ladies. The 27-year-old heartthrob is gorgeous from head to toe.

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It’s hard not to stare when The Spice Man is in your vicinity. We always spot Isaiah running shirtless on the beach, and the ladies just stop and stare.

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The British heartthrob once shared this intimate shot with fans via Twitter and the ladies are still raving about it.

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The famous choreographer and Soul Food star stays up on his fitness and it shows.

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Recognize this cutie? The Canadian football defensive back now plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League, but we first fell in love with this hunk watching him play for the Washington Redskins and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams keeps the show’s fans tuning in weekly with the hopes that he’ll show up on screen shirtless like he’s often known to do.

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Humble hubby Nick Cannon wowed fans when he took off his shirt and showed off one of the many things wife Mariah Carey loves most about him — those washboard abs.

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Have you met California-bred cutie Datari Turner? The model-turned-producer, who is the creative force behind many of your favorite reality TV shows and films, is quickly becoming one of the hottest directors in Hollywood — pun intended.

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Trinidadian-American model Keston Karter steals hearts wherever he goes. His calendars sell out faster than you can say “wow!” Sigh!

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British fitness and fashion model Daniel Louisy is an exception to the rule. His tall, perfectly chiseled body and sexy British accent make us drool.

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has more than just an NBA championship to be proud of — would you look at those abs?

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The sexy chocolate crooner is known to show off his bulging biceps in his signature white tank, but when he takes it all off, that’s when the ladies get the real treat.

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You first saw celebrated journalist and model Joel S. Randell when he courted Jacqui Reed on Let’s Talk About Pep in 2010 and those abs of his are absolutely unforgettable.

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The Game star Hosea Chanchez, who plays an NFL star on the show, stays fit to keep in character and we couldn’t be happier.

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A recent Eye Candy favorite, Tennessee Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley’s heart is even bigger than those sexy biceps.

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The rapper bulked up years ago, and these days fans can always count on him to show off his chiseled physique on stage.

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has more than just an NBA championship to be proud of — would you look at those abs?

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This fine young thing proves with each performance that he’s all grown up now and to be taken seriously.

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Knicks knockout Carmelo Anthony keeps those arms on point. We love ’em, tats and all.

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The sexy chocolate crooner is known to show off his bulging biceps in his signature white tank.

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