#MCM: Bearded Bae Eric Wormely Is Everything!

Meet your new man crush Eric and thank us later.

Lauren Porter Jun, 12, 2017

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"I currently live in Huntsville, AL, also known as Rocket City USA," said the 29-year-old. "Home to the largest concentration is rocket scientist in one area. I'm a city guy, but I've gotten used to the relaxed, down south attitude. I've enjoyed my time here and it's allowed me to learn a lot about myself. What I love most about the area here is the beautiful scenery. If you ever are traveling through Huntsville or you want to see a beautiful place come visit Monte Sano State Park. There are endless trails and beautiful views that over look the city."

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"I am so laid back, most nights I find myself catching up with friends, watching a movie, or going out to dinner. I love trying new food, every time I travel somewhere new I look for the best places to eat. I don’t always get the healthiest thing on the menu."

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"I am at the gym at least 5 days out of the week, sometimes twice a day. There aren’t any secrets to the gym, just being consistent is key. Also make sure you set a goal, and have a plan. I have changed the way I workout based on what changes I want to see with my body. I needed to lose weight these past few months so I spent time doing more cardio and less heavy weight training. You are in control of the outcome, make it happen! "

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"I love playing basketball and working out," said the Virgo hunk. 

"If I'm not at work I'm usually at the gym working out or playing basketball with a group of guys in the area. I love riding motorcycles, I used to ride few years back, before moving to Huntsville. I would take my GSXR 1000 on the road almost everyday. It gave me the feeling that I was free from everything. The adrenaline would be flowing, my heart would be racing, and I would continue to turn the throttle. I always did the majority of the mechanical work myself, I think I enjoyed that more than riding sometimes."

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"Sorry, ladies I’m am no longer on the market. I recently met someone and they deserve all of my attention. I have been through some tough relationships and I told myself not to date nor will I ever get married. But, I can’t continue to punish myself. I wont give up because of a few mistakes and a few learned lessons.  Don’t go looking, believe me God will bring someone into your life when you least expect it."

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"I was always the short chubby kid growing up. I was always worried about my weight when I was in grade school because I got picked on by my older brothers and family members. That changed once I got into 7th grade I grew to about 6’2 and started playing basketball."

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What does Eric love in a woman? "A woman with intelligence, a relationship with God and a humble attitude is quality," he said. "No one is perfect, but these are qualities that I find sexy."

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"The woman that is confident, comfortable with who she is, and isn’t afraid to be different, Eric says is the kind of woman that turns him on. "I want to share secrets, and no one to ever know how crazy we can be behind closed doors."

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"I’m not perfect, but I can cook you breakfast, lunch, and dinner," said the Illinois native on what makes him the perfect catch. "I’ll make sure our foundation is Christ, and we will be set. I will never make you do anything by yourself unless you wanted to. I was raised to never depend on anyone, but wont be afraid to let you be there."

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"I love cooking and it doesn’t matter what it is I can make it," said Eric. "My father taught me how to work in the kitchen. I was told 'if you like to eat so much, you better get in the kitchen and cook!' And so I did, I can cook everything from bourbon salmon to homemade banana pudding (from scratch). I love kale with roasted chicken and smoked chicken wings on the grill."

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"The perfect date always starts with dinner! It's old school but, I want to look you in the eyes and get to know each other," admitted Eric. "If it goes well, I always want to go for a walk to keep the momentum, and maybe visit a cool spot for a drink and some music. I don’t usually go on dates, so if I ask you out it’s a big deal for me! "

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"I actually have my undergraduate degree in accounting," Eric revealed. Yup! It took time, but I finished. When I tell most people that I have my degree in accounting, I always get the response “you don’t look like an accountant!” I don’t get offended, but I suppose they have an idea of what accountant looks like. I like being different and unusual, I am ok with that."