Fellas Open Up! Why It Matters To Them If You Slept With Their Friend First, The Definition Of 'Emotional Cheating' and More

Brothers get candid about all things love, sex and dating in this summer '17 edition of "Ask A Brother."

Lauren Porter Aug, 11, 2017
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[MUSIC] Can you wife a girl that you slept with on the first night? Yes. It's all about what led up to it, it's all about our chemistry, our connection. I could absolutely wife a girl that I slept with on the first date. What would you consider a flaw in a woman? [MUSIC] I will say an inability to show support. So if I don't see that you have a genuine interest in what I'm doing, or what I'm about, what I'm working towards, that's a huge flaw, to me. I think that. The biggest flaw in a woman is being unintelligent, not being thoughtful. Not willing to, or open to, understanding her thought process. And how she sees herself and the world around her. [MUSIC] If she smashes the homie before meeting me, it's a deal breaker because it just aint right. It breaks the guy code. And not even a guy code or a girl code, it's just like, it'd be akin to marrying my brother's ex or something. It's just weird. It's an immediate deal breaker. I don't want It's bad enough thinking about your girl being with somebody else period. But then being with a homey? What's your definition of emotional cheating? Emotional cheating has to do with when you are with someone but your mind is somewhere else, so your emotions are tied To something, someone I should say, previously or someone that you would like to be with. When someone else becomes your go to person for, you know, support or for anything else like that, you're emotionally already cheating on who you're with. Cuz they've now replaced the companionship space that you have with within yourself. What makes a woman marriage material is that she puts her family's interest before her own. I would absolutely want some one who has children, make some more children with the wife. How do you know if a woman is worth more than just being a situationship? [MUSIC] By what she brings to the table by what she's about. What her goals are, what her aspirations and not only how she sees herself but how she sees me. You know so if she thinks highly of herself and kind of sees you know as being more than yeah you know she can definitely. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]