11 Date Ideas That Are Totally Perfect For Spring

Warmer weather is upon is, which means it's the perfect time for you and bae to take your love outdoors. Here are 11 spring dates you two just have to try!

Lauren Porter Feb, 28, 2017

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Pack up the car and go on a mini road trip to your nearest drive-in theater! It's a great (and far more romantic) alternative to being in a crowded theater. Intimacy and fun await! Find an active drive-in closest to you here.

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Weekend mornings and afternoons are made for a farmer's market rendezvous! Support local vendors while enjoying some fresh air, shopping for affordable fruits and vegetables and planning a romantic dinner for two.

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Whether you're serving the homeless in a soup kitchen or cleaning up your neighborhood community, giving back with the one you love can be a rewarding way to bond. Pay it forward side-by-side and learn how big your hearts really can be. What can be better than that?

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Enjoying a sweet treat with your sweetheart can simply be the perfect budget-friendly spring date idea! Grab some ice cream--or better yet--some frozen yogurt and take a nice stroll through the neighborhood hand-in-hand. It's a darling way to get closer, and as you know, Fro-Yo is delicious!

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You know they say a little love helps a garden grow, so what better to do together than to plant some blooms with your boo? Go to your local greenery and pick out plants and seeds together. Starting a garden together could be a great testament and service to both your relationship and the environment. Besides, you'll make some great memories while developing your green thumbs.

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The fall is for picking apples, but spring is when the berry fields come to life. Head to your local orchard and collect some fresh fruits for the season. It'll be absolute fun, totally Instagram worthy, and of course, delicious!

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Romantic bike ride for two around the city, anyone? Rent bikes or grab your own and get some exercise in route to your favorite lunch spot.

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Channel your inner child and enjoy a fun afternoon at a community carnival or theme park! Ride the rides, enjoy the one-of-a-kind eats and just relax in each other's arms. It'll be the coolest day ever, promise!

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Walk hand-in-hand through your local botanical garden and let your love bloom! Experiencing the pretty buds can be such a calming experience and will give you two some time to talk through the seasons past and make plans together for the future.

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The warmer weather means a trip to the park is well-deserved and oh-so welcome! Pack a lunch, bring your dog or a few other couple friends and you've got a recipe for success. Besides, the fresh air will do you both some good after being cooped up all winter long.

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Getting a workout in with your partner is a genius idea. The change in seasons, from the weather to extended days (thank you Day Light Savings), you get to exercise and get those endorphins going plus you're getting in tip-top Summer shape with the one you love. That's a major key.