9 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Your New Boyfriend

Lauren Porter Dec, 04, 2017

You haven’t been dating long, but you still want to make his holiday, right? We’ve got you, sis! These gifts are bound to leave a smile on his face, promise.


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If he's big on music, this is a great and unique gift to give for all his home entertaining that's neat, subtle and chic.

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A book is always a good gift idea. This Ta-Nehisi Coates novel is not only a great read full of thought-provoking and insightful essays but it will show your new bae that you are both beauty and brains.

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When you're not around to keep him warm, this comfy and cozy robe will do just the trick.

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Spruce up his towel collection with this gift and kick it up a notch by adding a monogram!

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If your man loves a good whiskey, keep his drink cool without watering it down with these whiskey rocks. This gift will show him you're quite the connoisseur!

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Help your bae travel in style with this gift. It's bound to go a long way--literally!

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Help him make a splash in the office with these monogrammed socks that are perfect for every work day of the week.

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Make sure his hands are always as warm as his heart with this luxe gift!

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