Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: Smart Guy Proposes Then Marries Fiancé On The Same Day And Goes Viral

#ForeverDuncan takes the proposal and wedding game to another level. 

Lauren Porter Oct, 03, 2016

Our hearts were officially stolen over the weekend when a surprise proposal video filled our social media timelienes and we have to talk about it!

Starting off on Sunday morning, a couple, Sherrell and Alfred shared a video on Instagram of their “competitive date day.” Sherrell was just expecting for her boyfriend to plan the entire day with special activities and plans for the two to do but little did she know, he had a major surprise in store for her — Alfred not only planned the perfect proposal for that day, but he planned the perfect wedding too!

Take a look at their viral “date” day (AKA their surprise wedding) and get your tissues ready–it’s too sweet for words!

#GodMadeMeWait for SPECTACULAR reasons! #ForeverDuncan #MyHusband📸by @mental_mayhem

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Proverbs 18:22 #ForeverDuncan 📸 by @mental_mayhem

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Thank you! #ForeverDuncan #SweetDREAMS #ShimmiesOFF

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I'm ready. #foreverduncan

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This is indeed happily ever after for Sherrell and Alfred–congratulations!