Make It Hot With These 10 Sexy Products And Experiences Created By Black Women

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Abiola Abrams Feb, 09, 2018

Every year at this time, our collective thoughts turn to romance. The heart and flowers and candy, oh my! But those goodies are just scratching the surface of your pleasure. 

Raise your sexual self-esteem by creating a sensual awakening for yourself. Loving yourself in mind, body, and spirit is not a privilege. You have a sacred right to your beautiful body, your brilliance, and your pleasure. You have a divine right to feel good in your skin. That includes feeling sexy in your body with your partner or by yourself. 

Want to indulge in juicy sensual self-love gifts that your partner will also enjoy? 

Support black women and your own empowerment with these 11 pleasurable self-empowerment gifts.

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beingU Lingerie By Sadia Sisay

Give your partner and yourself the uber-sexy nude effect in beingU lingerie by Sierra Leonean born Brit Sadia Sisay. Pair the soft dot mesh Rosa bra in your skin tone with the Kobicha high waist brief for a bit of old school Hollywood glam. This black woman owned brand accommodates all sizes and skin tones to help us radiate beauty and power.

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Yoni Eggs By Sensual Honey Wellness

Yoni is Sanskrit for “sacred temple.” Sensual Honey Wellness describes yoni eggs as “vaginal weights crafted from gemstones that are shaped in the form of an egg.” Not for the faint of heart, this ancient empowerment tool is available in healing gemstones ranging from black obsidian to rose quartz for your “sexual pleasure, control, and spiritual health.”

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Edible Chocolate Candles By Bedroom Kandi

Bedroom Kandi’s multi-talented founder Kandi Burruss fabulously graced the cover of ESSENCE. Somehow, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” superstar keeps coming up with ways make our lives more stimulating. Indulge in Bedroom Kandi’s Chocolate Edible Massage Oil Candles for a divine “Xscape” of your own.

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A Twisted Love: Erotica By Nicki Charest

Titillate your lover and yourself with sexy erotic tales. Fantasy is a healthy and important part of our sensual exploration. Author Nicki Charest is steaming up bedrooms everywhere with her bestselling debut novel, “A Twisted Love.” The author pays tribute to the great Zane explaining, “To explore your sexuality is cardinal sin number one for many women in society’s eyes for various reasons. But Zane was one of several writers who gave women and African Americans, in general,​ a sexual voice.”

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Spiritual Love Potions by Jovanhanna Tisdale

The unstoppable Jovanhanna Tisdale is known as The Spiritual Love Coach. Not only does her coaching help you break free from toxic love, but she will help you get your aphrodisiac on with sensual essential oils from Neroli to Ylang Ylang. Jovanhanna has mixes for couples to deepen their connections to each other and to help you “boost your sexual energy and attraction level.”

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Yoni Sweet Tea by Tracey Bryant

The Original Sweet Yoni Tea™ crafted with love by Tracey Bryant is a gift for you and your sacred partner. Her Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea™ is a tasty organic blend of Kiwi, Raspberry Leaf, Sweet Pineapples, Cranberries, and more. Bryant says that her tea makes your most intimate areas smell and taste sweet along with amazing health benefits!

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Erotic Artistic Expression By Nenna Joiner

How about a sensual artistic gift for your V-Day pleasure? Sex educator Nenna Joiner is owner of Feelmore Adult Gallery and shop in Oakland. In additon to all of the sexy products your heart desires, Joiner also features gorgeous art showcasing our resplendent natural beauty in all forms.

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Sacred Lover's Academy by Shu Oceani

Need some adult self-love education? Loving yourself is your birthright. So is loving your yoni, healing your past and allowing yourself to feel sensual, beautiful, and hot, steamy lust. Take yourself on a powerful journey at the Sacred Lover’s Academy created by Shu Oceani for women like you.

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When Soulmates Unite By Christina Renée Joubert

We are wholistic beings -- and our sensual lives don’t exist in a vacuum. Enter Christina Renee Joubert’s new book, “When Soulmate Unite.” The book breaks down how we can learn to love ourselves taking lessons from the people who love us most. Heal your past to give yourself full access to your pleasure. Yes!

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Sacral Chakra Meditation by Abiola Abrams

“I Am A Sexy Goddess” is a free meditation and affirmation journey to help you own your soulful sexiness! This mind, body, spirit experience with binaural beats for brainwave-entrainment is only for women who want to awaken their sacral chakra power and amp up your sacred self-esteem. As a spiritual self-love teacher and Spiritpreneur coach, I created this experience with love just for you.