If You And Your Lover Bring These 3 Toys To Bed Every Night, Sex Will Never Be The Same

If you're looking to spice things up between the sheets tonight, here's what you need to have handy by the night stand.

Lauren Porter Feb, 14, 2017

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With this toy, sex between you and your man will never ever be the same. Curving to stimulate both you and your partner at the same time, pleasure will be at an all time high for an unforgettable night each and every time. 3 different vibe intensities and 7 modes make for an intense intimate moment--what could be better?!

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Want to have some fun all your own? This toy will give you all the fun you need and then some! 11 different intense wave options give you an pleothra of options for peak pleasure. It's USB chargability makes it waterproof which means your enjoyment isn't confimed to the bedroom. The sleek design and dynamic color makes it a girl's favorite new toy! 

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The newest toy to the Satisfyer Pro family, the Penguin is the perfect fit for a solo night in. With an almost palm sized fit, finding pleasure comes seamlessly with this toy. 11 vibe settings and a USB recharge makes the Penguin ideal for any adventure whenever, wherever, whatever!