9 Dope Summer Double Date Ideas

Share the love and have some fun this summer.

Lauren Porter Jul, 27, 2017

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There is nothing like binge watching a series with the one you love but imagine how amazing it would be to binge with your best friend and her boo too! The shared experience will bring not only the couple closer but the friendship as well. That’s always a good idea.

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No one wants to Karaoke alone so make a double date out of it! Plan date night out at a bar and get ready to get your sing on. Whether you and your boo pick a duet from Marvin and Tammy’s catalog or have a sing-off with a feature song from Beyoncé and Jay-z the whole ordeal will definitely make for some laughs and a real good time.

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Attending a baseball game should be a rites of passage for couple: you sit endlessly yet have all kinds of fun. When another couple tags along to join in on the festivities, think of all the joy you can experience!

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Sit back, relax, paint and sip! Sounds like fun doesn’t it. While a paint and sip is fun no matter who you go with, imagine going with the love of your life and a fellow pair of love birds. It’ll definitely be worth it.

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Take a tour of your town with a pair of your favorite friends to a place that’s special to you and your bae and vice versa. The trading of locations will give both couples a new place to go to spice up date night all summer long!

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If you’ve always wanted to try an escape the room activity here is your chance. Rally all your couple friends together and head out for an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you’re going head-to-head as guys vs. girls or couples vs. couples, the date will be exciting nonetheless!

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Spend the day with grapes! Head out to your local winery and learn more about what goes into making a bottle of wine. When it's all said and done, you and your guests will definitely have a buzz (!!) and if you're lucky, you'll walk away with something great to sip at your leisure.

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Time for a couples road trip! There is nothing like hitting the road with a great destination in mind for some fun times that lie ahead.

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Picnics in the summertime are always a good idea. Pack up some great eats (and drinks too) and head to the local park with a couple you enjoy for a great afternoon on the lawn!