4 Things You Need In Your Bed To Keep It Hot This Summer

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Lube warmer anyone? Steam things up with bae with these must-have pleasure products.

Lauren Porter Jun, 07, 2017

1 of 4 Crave

There is never one way to please each other. the Crave Wink+ is a new toy uniquely designed (by a woman!) to offer five different power settings to help take you there. Plus, it's super quiet and super sleek. What more does a girl need?

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2 of 4 Pulse

Having a little lube handy almost always equals a better ride between the sheets, so why not take your lubrication up a notch? Fill up the the Pulse Warming Dispenser so you can grab a hands-free, hygienic and warmed re-up when you need it in the moment. Yes, you're welcome.

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3 of 4 Babeland

When the sex is really good, you want it to go on and on, and on. This brilliant gadget copies and memorizes the pressure and pattern of you or your partners' squeezing motions then repeats the pattern for your pleasure. Your mind is blown, right? The vibration becomes harder and more powerful with the pressure of your touch. It will remember your most recent pleasure pattern and intensity until you set a new one, so just relax and enjoy the fun. Now, that's lit!

available at Babeland $126.65 Buy Now!

4 of 4 Partner Toy

The Partner Whale is a couples vibrator designed to satisfy you both simultaneously. (Um, yes, please.) With its ultra-strong motor, three vibration intensities and seven modes, together you will find your groove. Plus, it's waterproof, which means shower time just got a lot more interesting. Worried it won't be revved and ready when you both get home? Don't be, you can charge it up via USB.

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