#MCM: New Crush, Who Dis? Meet Tall Handsome Hunk Aaron Campbell

This Kentucky native has the ladies swooning.

Lauren Porter Apr, 03, 2017

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Aside from modeling, Aaron works as a Brick Layer and absolutely loves what he does. When he has some down time, he's devoted to his children and playing basketball with his friends.

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The 30 year-old is a native of South Bend, Indiana but calls Paducah, Kentucky home. "I was born and raised there and it's a very laid back town. It's very low on crime and a great area for raising kids," he said.

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"Yes, I have two beautiful kids--one girl and one boy," the dad of two shared. "Being a father to me is a huge responsibility. I'm always spending quality time with my beautiful kids as I watch them achieve their goals and mature every day."

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"With modeling, I was so hesitant to try, although it was a career I was eagerly interested in pursuing," said Aaron. "I have tattoos around my neck and arms, so I figured the chance to make it in that industry would honestly be slim to none. I didn't want to be stereotyped but I am almost positive something big will happen soon. I feel like I have an inspirational story to tell."

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"Although most people go out on Friday and Saturday nights, I really stay in the house and play games with my kids. I help them study for school. I try to educate them as much as I can." How sweet!

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"I think the sexiest part of a woman's body is her facial features. I love a woman with a positive mindset, a good personality and a good heart."

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"I love old school music (from the Isley Brothers to 2pac), I use to be in a rap group with my older brother and cousin, I'm a die hard FOODIE but I cannot really cook that well. I'm sorry ladies!"

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While some would admit that they've done some crazy things for the one they love, Aaron says all he's done is worth it. "Nothing embarrassing, it's all in the name of love!"