8 Signs You Shouldn't Be Sleeping With Him

Eight telltale signs that your relationship is in trouble and you shouldn't be sleeping together.

Charli Penn Jun, 25, 2012

Waiting until marriage to have sex is a beautiful thing. But let’s be honest, not all people do. And for women who choose not to, a common mistake they make in relationships is sleeping with a man before they’re ready. Or worse, continuing to do so even when they know something just isn’t right.

A lot of women say it’s hard to know when the time is right to introduce sex into a relationship. True, it’s a big decision, and it shouldn’t be made lightly. That said, recognizing that it’s the wrong time is much easier to do. There are many telltale signs that this so-called “Mr. Right” shouldn’t be reaching into your cookie jar just yet; you just need to know how to spot ‘em. Here’s your guide. Click the photo to read our list.