8 Signs The Love Is Gone and It's Time To Move On

These are the side effects of a toxic love and the signs you need a new love for the New Year.

Charli Penn Jan, 03, 2017

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Stop questioning whether or not you're truly meant to be and look at the facts. Does your relationship fit the description of a failed romance? Read on to find out.


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When telling the person you love a lie (big or small) comes easier than openness and honesty, your bond is in serious jeopardy. Lies between lovers don’t have to be malicious to do harm. It’s time to ‘fess up and admit you’re relationship is in trouble.

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The moment you arrive at a point in a relationship where you communicate only through yelling, screaming and speaking with anger, you’ve already lost your ability to get through to each other.

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In the beginning your friends tired of how much you gushed about how good it felt to be in love and how special he made you feel. Now your former-dream guy is getting roasted every time you and the girls get together. When you have nothing else nice to say about how it feels to be with each other, it’s time to say goodbye.

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Happy couples are always great company. If your usual double date partners and friends have started getting flaky, it could be a sign that they’re trying to avoid your mess.


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If you're working late just to find more time away from your bad news relationship, the good news is that you already know you've gotta go. You've just been avoiding the obvious because you know it won't be easy to let it burn.

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When pillow talk is more sour than sweet, your road has come to an end. If you can't lighten the mood, it may be time to rethink your relationship status.

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If he’s not making you laugh and smile anymore, then he’s not making you happy. Sadly, it’s just that simple. The road to true and lasting love is paved with joy.

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Couples who are on the outs often stay together far longer than they should because they ignore the writing on the walls. Happy, healthy lovers don’t breakup to makeup for a living. Think about it.

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When you’re living together, it’s normal to want a little space at home. But, if you’re spending more time in separate rooms than together enjoying quality time on the couch, thing have really cooled down between you.

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When’s the last time you met between the sheets and made real magic happen? If you have to think about it, it’s time to ask yourselves what happened to the intimacy you once shared. If the sex feels obligatory and lust-free, the fire between you has gone out.