14 Woke Gifts Black Moms Will Love

The conscious, badass mom in your world will want everything on this list.

Deena Campbell May, 09, 2017

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Instead of wearing pins that reflect pop-culture memes, why not wear one with a strong meaning? Enter the underground pin that has a blinking, battery-powered light attached to the back to help you guide the way to freedom.

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True beauty girls know that Madame CJ Walker was the OG beauty maven. Mom is sure to show off her history with an acrylic medallion that features a replicated image of a top of one of Madame CJ Walker's hair products. And for extra measure it’s decorated with Swarovski crystals. We won’t tell if you grab one for yourself, too.

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The rumors are true: real always recognizes real.

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Mom may take long naps, but the girl stays woke. Pick up this clock for mom so staying woke is top-of-mind when she wakes up.

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Fight the power and celebrate the women who’ve paved the way with this eco-friendly inked shirt.

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Michelle Obama may be out of the White House, but that doesn’t mean mom can’t carry a piece of her at all times. Grab this tote for her so she can show the world what being graceful is all about.

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Oh the irony! Enhance your mom’s entryway with a doormat that fits her aesthetic—and personality.

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Celebrate contemporary Black literature and authors with this library-inspired book subscription box. Simply choose fiction or nonfiction and you’ll receive a catalog card, spine label, label protector, and logo sticker each month.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best: there’s nothing more tragic than to sleep through the revolution.

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Every Black woman is magical and 125 Collection managed to honor that by developing a 100% natural soy candle that inspires and motivates.

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Put her oppressors on alert with this large scarf.

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Wake, pray, slay everyday with this black journal that’s fit for a queen.

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These days being “woke” is cool, but most of us have been woke for quite some time. Let this hat serve as a subtle reminder.

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And speaking of protests, let her show how strong she really is with this hamsa phone case.

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