6 Simple Ways To Avoid Holiday Family Drama

We get it, being in a house full of family members during the holidays isn't always merry and bright. Take a deep breath, count to ten and try these six tricks to help escape the chaos.

Lauren Porter Dec, 21, 2016

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No one wants to endure the crowds of the grocery store during the Christmas time but someone's got to do it! About 5 seconds away from popping off? Volunteer as tribute to go pick up the last minute things left off the grocery list. The time away will calm you in ways you can't imagine.

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Brave the cold by taking the dog for a walk. While it might not be ideal depending on the weather, the moments alone will allow you to take sometime to be with you and you alone. It'll do wonders as you spend the days with the people you love but who also can drive you a little crazy! 

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Still waiting on your favorite cousin to arrive? Volunteer to go pick them up from the airport! As soon as you get that "I'm here" text, grab those keys and hop in the car. The drive to pick them up will give you some time alone to listen to your favorite songs, make a phone call or simply find some peace and quiet. The ride back will put you in a good mood because you've finally got your family partner-in-crime by your side!

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It may seem mundane but those few seconds or minutes even you spend taking out the trash could be all the time you need to recharge from the noise around you. Make the best of the time away by sneaking a round of candy crush or solitaire just to find some peace of mind.

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Hopefully, a phone call will keep the chaos at bay. Sneak out of the room and "fake" or take a phone call. Have a friend who is in the same predicament of family madness and take a few moments to chit-chat. Not interesting in talking to anyone at all. Steal a few moments away to duck off into another room and check your email, social media feeds and favorite sites (even if it's just for 5 minutes!)

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You'd be surprised at how quickly the kitchen will clear out when you say you'll wash the pots, pans and plates. The time alone in the kitchen cleaning can actually be very therapeutic as you deal with ever dramatic personalities of everyone who is gathered around the Christmas tree. How do you decompress during the Christmas time?