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I do a crossword everyday, helps me unwind. I love to get a massage when I'm traveling. [MUSIC] Especially when I'm on the road and I've got a day before I have to do an event. Go down to the spa and get a delicious massage. And when I can just kick off my shoes and not have to be anywhere. In my house so I can spend the time with my kids, my dogs, cutting flowers, sitting in the sun. That's my true zen time. [MUSIC] I'm a foodie. I love good food. So if I had the luxury, having a fantastic meal with a wine pairing.

Ever wish you had a 25th hour? How would you spend that precious time? Celebrity Vanessa Williams shares what she would do—and it starts with a little me time! From sitting in the sunshine to being with her kids to indulging in a delicious meal with fabulous wine, she would kick off her shoes and get a little Zen in. Sometimes you just need to unwind and relax to be your best self and for Vanessa that might look like a massage or crossword, but what does it look like for you? Be inspired to add an extra hour of me time to your lifestyle.

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