Decadent And Different Sweet Treat Ideas For Valentine’s Day
Sky Noir Photography by Bill Dickinson/Getty Images

It’s that time of the year where our timelines are about to be flooded with PDA, grand gestures of love, and heartfelt tributes. Perhaps you have some of the aforementioned planned for your lover, loved one or good girlfriends, and we love to see it — because who doesn’t the celebration of love? One of the best feelings is making someone who is special to you feel that way by showing them how much they’re appreciated. 

If you’re looking to bake sweet treats or buy them for Valentine’s Day but are over the usual sweet suspects, get some inspiration from the creations of some talented people on Instagram.

Chocolate Bon Bons 

Do small confections sound like the perfect treat to you? Then try feeding chocolate bon bons to your lover. These are a perfectly bougie Valentine’s treat idea if you’re doing something fancy this year. 


If you’re a fan of walnuts, you’ll like fluffy kolache treats. For the DIY champions, you’ll need to make the pastry and then fill it with the walnut filling. The last step is sprinkling it with some sugar! If this all sounds like a long and arduous task, feel free to find a baker who can hook you up instead.  

Strawberry Pound Cake 

You can’t go wrong with a heart shaped cake with strawberries (unless you, somehow, don’t like strawberries). Pound cake is bae and could be the perfect sweet treat for you and that special someone. If you choose to make it, try a 7UP pound cake recipe like the one made here.

Cake Jars 

This is a neat and easy dessert that you can pull out of the fridge after dinner or during a Netflix and chill. It’s fast becoming a favorite. Cake jars are flexible as they come in a wealth of different flavors, whether it’s caramel apple, red velvet, or chocolate with peanut butter you’re after. And if you want to pace yourself and save some for later, just twist the top back on and return to the fridge.  

Red Velvet French Toast 

For those of you who like breakfast for dessert, red velvet French toast might be a winner. It could even double as a sweet breakfast in bed idea. 

White Chocolate Cranberry Cupcakes 

All of the white chocolate fans are likely salivating at this dessert. You get the best of both worlds: white chocolate and cranberry. You can have as many as you want because Valentine’s Day is automatically a cheat day. We don’t make the rules, we just abide by them!

Themed Cookies 

Shake things up with some not-so-boring cookies, preferably ones that are colorful and creative. Themed cookies are aesthetically pleasing and romantic, and word on the curb is (we’re the curb), they’re also delicious. These decorated cookies are so fancy though, you might not want to nibble on them at all. Can a cookie be a work of art? The answer is yes!