Valentine’s Day Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Home
Pottery Barn

In retrospect, the Valentine’s Day plans we had, whether with girlfriends or a partner, were grandiose compared to how the last couple of holidays have been in the pandemic. Gone are the guaranteed dinners at a fancy restaurant seated around other couples and cliques looking to get in on the V-day fun. These days, we’re hanging with bae or our friends in the comfort and safety of our homes, playing games, watching movies, dancing and canoodling in our humble abodes, making the best of it.

As you sort out plans for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day (February 13) and you want those you care about to feel the love when they walk in your house, think about some decorations. No, we’re not talking about the window decals our schoolteachers and parents used to put out for every holiday (though those are adorable). How about getting some plush pink and red pillows? Burning a candle that smells like roses? Putting out some vibrant flowers or serving treats on plates shaped like hearts? You don’t have to go full cornball in your attempts to get in the holiday spirit, but the smallest touches can go a long way in making this Valentine’s Day extra sweet. So we’ve gathered some items from a few of our favorite spots online that help set whatever mood you’re going for, whether in the kitchen, in the living room, bedroom or before that special someone even opens your door. See some fun Valentine’s decor ideas to try ahead of the upcoming holiday.


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