It’s February and that means love is in the air! With only a few days left to pull together the perfect gift, I guarantee there’s one small detail you may have overlooked — the card. But what do you do when none of the cards in the stores capture your heart?  Fortunately for you, #BlackGirlMagic is on the job, as usual!  Paisley Paper Co., the handmade brainchild of 36-year-old Detroit native Andrea Williams, is exactly what the special moments in your life have been missing.  After dabbling in calligraphy for a few years and getting hounded by friends to make cards for them, Williams decided it was time to share her talents with the world. The result? Greeting cards for all occasions that are not only beautiful to look at but the cheeky messages are sure to get you a laugh from friends and family and inspire some late-night fun with that special someone.

Paisley & Paper Co.

We checked in with this paper goddess to find out more about her entrepreneurial journey, tips on how to pick the perfect card and how she feels about love.

What makes your cards so special and unique? 

Humor, for sure. I’m a sarcastic /dark humor kind of person. Since I’ve been writing the copy for my cards so far, that humor comes out. And also my hand lettering/calligraphy style is unique to me.

What struggles have you encountered being a small, Black-woman owned business? 

Definitely tapping into resources and predicting/anticipating what my demographic actually wants.

Tell us one major goal you have for Paisley Paper Co.? 

So many goals for this year! But my main goal is to have my cards sold in at least 3 stores.

Paisley & Paper Co.

These days everything is done digitally. Why do you think it’s still important for people to give cards to their loved ones?

I think we can be overwhelmed with check-ins, notifications, stories, going live, etc, so sometimes it’s important to give something that is analog to break up the digital noise.

Picking the wrong card can take a relationship from Cardi hot to winter cold real quick. What tips do you have for people pick the right card for their bae? 

Ha! Knowing their style of humor would be my advice. I have a card that says: ‘I’m only with you for the sex’ and it’s been met with mixed results. Some thought it was absolutely hilarious. Some absolutely did not. Don’t get yourself in trouble!

Paisley & Paper Co.

Which Paisley Paper Co. cards would you recommend ladies give to new baes, old baes and the baes in between this Valentine’s Day? 

New bae: The “LIPS! LIPS! LIPS!” card. It’s sexy and fun…just like when the relationship is new. Or the always relevant: “I love your Eggplant. A lot.”

Old bae: The “I love you cause we hate the same sh-t” cause that’s when you know it’s real, or “Congrats on being with me” cause you’re a prize!

In-between bae: This isn’t necessarily a Valentine’s Day card…but the “You’re just okay” card would work in a pinch!