You Won’t Find These Over-the-Top Bucket List Experiences at a Hostel
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The notion that hotels and resorts only provide fancy rooms and somehow prevent you from having an “authentic” (The most overused term ever) travel experience couldn’t be more wrong. Just like with anything else in life, there are levels to travel. Think about it, all those viral videos and photos people share and drool over, guess where they’re from? Gone are the days where staying at hotels meant you simply received a chocolate on your pillow. These days top hospitality brands have upped the ante and redefined experiential travel with exclusive experiences that go beyond eating at local markets and touring temples. While the aforementioned is essential, these travel moments are on another level. So grab a “fancy room,” put a diamond in your champagne, and prepare for some serious #travelgoals with a few of the most jaw-dropping, over-the-top, bucket list worthy experiences from around the world that you definitely won’t find in a hostel.