Spice Up Your Vacations In 2020 With These Sexy Tips

It’s something we’ve all talked about – sex. How much we like it, what we don’t like, and now that Black travel has become a movement; how we can get as much of it as we can — even if it’s across the globe. It’s okay girlfriend, there’s no need to deny it, we’re all friends here. That’s why we know that when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom on vacation, we can all use a bit of help.

Enter Mandii B and Weezy.

These ladies are definitely the ‘fast ass’ friends your momma didn’t want you hanging with around the neighborhood – and they don’t give AF. As co-hosts of the wildly popular Whoreible Decisions podcast (the name is a play on a name the pair say they’ve been called many times), longtime friends Mandii and Weezy hit the airwaves each week to talk about their personal experiences with everything from general sexual health and sugar daddies to transphobia, diaper fetishes, sex clubs and homosexuality in the church. The conversations on Whoreible Decisions are so open, raw and uncensored that even their mothers have stopped by to proudly support their daughters and drop some O.G. sex gems on listeners.

Photo Credit: Natasha Hatendi

Nearly three years and 200 episodes in Mandii and Weezy are at the top of their game (the podcast brought in $250,000 in 2019) and are hosting live shows across the country where their cult-like followers can’t wait to get advice on their burning sex-related questions. So who better to ask for tips on how we can spice up our vacations in 2020?

ESSENCE sat down with the reigning sex queens to find out why they think getaways are the perfect time to try some new things, what destinations are great for some ‘whoreible’ fun and to get the answer to the question ‘You use dating apps to see what?!’

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Why do you think it’s important for women to explore their sexuality when they’re on vacation?

Mandii B: Girl, we did a whole podcast on that! I think that, because a lot of women are scared of what people think, when they’re on vacation around people who don’t know them and won’t be able to run back to their cousin or your lover, they’re able to explore more. When you’re on vacation that is when you can let your inhibitions go and just kind of be free and you know, do some things.

Weezy: Even if you’re a couple I think it’s great to plan a vacation around sex. You’d be surprised how many listeners or friends hit us up wanting to know where they can plan a trip to explore their sexual bucket list.

I just think that’s when I’ve done the wilder things. Even within a couple, I think I did wilder [redacted] while on vacation. Like, hotel sex is the best sex. Why? Because you can get everything messed up and wet.

How would you suggest that women bring up with a partner wanting to explore when they’re abroad?

Mandii B: I would say bring toys and bring things that you want to try because you’re going to be in a hotel. So here’s where we can try everything and don’t have to care about how messy the sheets get. So if we want to play with different lubes and ropes and chains and cuffs, to me, that’s where you bring it — on vacation. You bring it and say, “Hey bae, let’s have some fun tonight.” That would be my advice.

Weezy: I would say planning, particularly with couples. For some people a threesome is like, this is the thing that they do as a couple that’s freaky. I think the good part about planning ahead is using the passport feature on dating apps to find friends. You can do it on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Clover.

Even if you’re a couple I think it’s great to plan a vacation around sex.


What destinations do you think are best for people looking to plan a sexy trip?

Mandii B: Domestically there are sex clubs like Trapeze in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. I enjoy that a lot of our followers have been to Caligula in New York and have told me they’ve had a good time. Internationally, adult-only resorts, a place where kids aren’t allowed like Hedonism in Jamaica or Temptation in Cancun. That was lit, it was really nice.

Weezy: Hedo actually invited us for Mocha Fest in May during Memorial weekend, and we’re going to do Whoreible Decisions live so it’s the perfect reason to plan a trip.

How do you feel about filming sexual escapades on vacation?

Weezy: I think that’s the best time to make videos! You’re already high off the vacation [redacted] so your performance will amazing. Besides, the aesthetic is much better.

So you’ve recorded this video with someone abroad, how do you protect yourself from leaks?

Mandii B: The only time I let someone record me is if their face is in it. Also, keep your own videos!

Weezy: I worked in tech for a while and the one thing that I have learned about protecting nudes and stuff is that anything sent over iMessage, WhatsApp, uploaded to the cloud, etc, it’s more like the internet and anyone can hack the internet. If you’re going to share, airdropping is better because it’s just Bluetooth. It’s a direct connection.

When you’re on vacation that is when you can let your inhibitions go and just kind of be free.

Mandii B

Do you use dating apps abroad?

Mandii B: The only time I’ve used them abroad was when I was living in Asia and it was just to meet Black people and find a community. I’m not on them at all anymore.

Weezy: More than I do here, yeah. But abroad I like it because if I was in town somewhere for two nights it’s like, maybe I’ll meet a cute Spanish guy in Barcelona that will take me around and show me sights and his [redacted].

Have you made any horrible decisions abroad?

Mandii B and Weezy: Having bad sex!


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